World’s largest private healthcare company HCA plans expansion into NHS   Paul Gallagher   Friday 14 June 2013


The world’s largest private healthcare company co-owned by the assets management firm whose profits helped fund Mitt Romney’s presidential campaigns is looking to expand further into the NHS, according to newly published documents by the Competition Commission.

The Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) already caters for around half of all private patients in London and runs three joint NHS ventures, renting building space from public hospitals for exclusively private treatment. HCA told the commission’s on going investigation into the private healthcare market that it wants more NHS partnerships.

Although Mr Romney stepped down as the head of Bain Capital in 1999, he received a share of the profits in 22 new funds created by the firm during the next 10 years as the company’s assets grew 20-fold. The governor of Massachusetts negotiated a retirement agreement with Bain that has paid him a share of its profits ever since, bringing the Romney family millions of dollars in income each year aiding his political aspirations. The information was revealed after Romney was forced to publish his financial disclosure documents during the 2012 presidential campaign.

Street Democracy writes: It’s the NHS now that stands in splendid isolation, as privateers circle round drawing in closer and closer. We are slowing loosing our liberties, our voices and our rights as private corporations move in swiftly. They can as they have the politicians creaming invested interests from them, they have the Government in their back pockets, so move in they can. I know profit before people is never a good combination, I know the American Hospitals isn’t a dream I would want here in the UK. Picture from David Icke’s Website.

New report: private NHS providers increase fraud risk, damage patients 13/06/2013 · by  Picture

An independent health think-tank (which looks to be genuinely independent, unlike all those right-wing ‘independent’ groups that abuse charitable status for tax-breaks while plotting ways to impoverish us) has published a new report on the impact of increased use of profit-making providers in the NHS. The CHPI (Centre for Health and the Public Interest) report warns:

that the introduction of greater use of for profit providers of healthcare services as a result of the 2012 Health and Social Care Act is likely to substantially increase the amount of healthcare fraud in the NHS. This will result in less money for patient care when funds are already scarce in the NHS.

The authors of the report find:

that the use of payment by results contracts with private providers in the new NHS market provides significant opportunities for fraudulent claims such as ‘upcoding’, whereby patients are categorised as having more severe conditions than they actually have in order to attract higher rates of payment..This type of fraud is prevalent in the US, where private companies already provide healthcare services. A number of the companies which have settled major fraud cases there are currently delivering healthcare services in the UK or are seeking to do so.


7 thoughts on “World’s largest private healthcare company HCA plans expansion into NHS

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  2. Reblogged this on Vox Political and commented:
    Here’s the answer to anybody who insists that our health system isn’t turning into a carbon copy of the ongoing farce over in America. If it isn’t, why is an American company trying to muscle in on our act?
    The vast number of MPs who have business interests that will profit from a privatised NHS is, of course, reason to sign my e-petition calling for MPs to be banned from speaking or voting on anything that could give them or their party financial gain:


  3. Do we really have to ask. How deep is corruption in parliament today? just read this. We are drowning in it and there are no life rafts. Nice post..



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