One in three Britons fear they will be unable to keep up with housing costs

More than 10 million people fear they will fall behind with rent or mortgage payments in 2014 by  Saturday 22 June 2013


One in three Britons fear they will struggle to afford their housing costs next year as rising rents and living costs as well as welfare reforms take their toll on people struggling to pay their bills.

The research, conducted by the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) and Ipsos Mori, found 10.3 million people were worried about meeting their housing costs in 2014 – a year-on-year increase of 43%. The research also found that more than 11 million people said their concerns about housing costs were causing them stress.

Street Democracy writes: Why does it cost so much just to have a roof over your head again? It is outrageous how peace loving people by an economic slow strangulation are forced into handing over all monies they have worked hard to earn to greedy landlords. Or those sitting in Westminster, the ‘Greedy -Governmental- Principle- Economic -Policy -Makers’ more like.

Our Tory lead Coalition Government has numerous layers of distorted financial concepts. This leads them to a distorted and dysfunctional view of reality. Its the common people who hold the common sense and know best of common knowledge who are more qualified to economically organise their communities. More qualified than any old Eton school boy who learnt about poverty back in grade 6 from some old text book.295376_463680213695087_1569585861_n

Sterile economic digits make for cold callous monetary social programs that hold no human value and certainly no empathy. Result in millions of families will suffer long term debt, never ending agony of rent arrears, the prospect of being one pay cheque away from rent arrears or worse becoming unemployed.

Poverty is a silent weapon ‘Bill Cooper’ that devours even the most hardest of souls, ripping away important monies, slashing the spirit of life away with it. The most humiliating and degrading any person could go through, especially mothers on their own. Children dealing with scarcity is heart breaking.

You know we are born free, shelter grows for free, food too grows for free, we laugh, talk and think for free, therefore education is free too. So why do we have to pay, to be alive? Pictures from


5 thoughts on “One in three Britons fear they will be unable to keep up with housing costs

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    I staunchly believe that austerity is a smokescreen and George Osborne is the most inept Chancellor in British political history. Massive economic waste from the public sector, increasing public debt and deficit where austerity was meant to reduce this and Osborne’s help to buy scheme which will inflate another housing bubble. These are treasonous acts against the British public and future generations to come.


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    We’ll be blogging more about housing issues, the fallout of the bedroom tax, the steep rise in homelessness (and the measures that have and will undoubtedly cause more, such as the criminalisation of squatting) and the despicable treatment of those same homeless people. Here’s an excellent post in the meantime on the human costs of hyper capitalism and austerity in terms of housing.


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