Work minister Lord Freud: Demand for food banks ‘has nothing to do with benefits squeeze’ Nigel Morris  Tuesday 02 July 2013 Picture from Another Angry Voice website.


 wealthy Conservative minister provoked anger last night after questioning the connection between the soaring use of food banks and the Government’s squeeze on benefits. Lord Freud, a Work and Pensions minister, insisted that the recent sharp increase in people resorting to food hand outs to feed their families was not necessarily linked to benefits sanctions or delays. He suggested more people were taking charity food because more food banks existed – and he prompted Opposition jeers in the Lords when he denied they were effectively a part of the welfare system. For on delusional Lord Fraud click here…

Street Democracy writes: Lord Fraud (Lord Freud) rapidly took important monies away from the poor so quickly and leaving them with nothing. They had no chance to change, to save or re-evaluate before this essential life line was cut and taken away. There are some unfortunate children going to school hungry.

If you walk around Crawley you may notice there are some children that look malnourished. Some are really pale, with transparent skin and dark rings under their eyes, walking zombies I call them. Maybe the fault of their parents but never the less, where is the cheap easy to grow organic food to make these kiddies look healthy?

Howard Zinn Dissent is the highest form of patriotism

We see children wearing tatty clothes, cheap clothes that look tatty even after you wash them. We see people paying corporate bills, invoices, payment agreements, taxes, never ending taxes and leave buying food until last. Over weight or obesity isn’t necessarily because of over eating. The chemicals laced in cheap foods are the worst to prevent fatty acids from being broken down. Cheap foods can mean fatty foods, look at McDonalds!

Food banks are alive and well but won’t solve the problem of out of touch far right millionaire politicians brutalising and crushing the poor at speeds breaking all records. Change has to be from a massive ground swell of public intention to remove the imbeciles, the ruthless suits with sterile policies from deadly economics and eradicate the political damage they have done. The massive movement of the people, a peaceful non compliance, the ‘will’ of the nation can heal democracy from its wounds and place it back into the heart, the core of Westminster. 


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