Two arrested for assault on police at Balcombe protest   02 August 2013 ImageGen

Two police officers were assaulted as a lorry was taken into the Cuadrilla drilling site at Balcombe on Friday afternoon (August 2). An officer was punched and kicked by a woman who announced she was 14. Officers at the scene quickly confirmed that the woman was in fact a 19-year-old from Portsmouth. She has been arrested for assault on police.

A 22-year-old man from Bexhill was also arrested for assault after a police officer was hit in the face with a placard. The two protesters are currently in custody. Superintendent Lawrence Hobbs said: “My officers are there to allow protesters to safely and peacefully protest. We also need to uphold the right of the company to operate and bring their vehicles on to the site.

“The vast majority of the protesters feel very passionately about this issue and are protesting peacefully. If protestors do become violent they should understand that this is not acceptable and they will be arrested.”


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