Bedroom Tax: Councillors – spineless and inept in the bedroom tax


Street Democracy writes:

The ‘Bedroom Tax’ is a Tory economic conquest they are forcing upon the poorest of social housing tenants and those disadvantaged in life, all over a spare room, a piece of space of 6ft x 7ft. Forcing destitution isn’t the way for a healthy local community, and anyone with common sense knows this.

Void and morally bankrupt our Government refuses to listen and see sense. Local councillors on the whole, are not making any stand for the poor, and those victims of this most putrid housing policy face permanent debt. Perpetual, never ending heavy weight debt around our necks to suit some Tory out of touch agenda that solves nothing.8604221468_6a039e0794_m

It doesn’t solve the housing crisis and it doesn’t solve the any financial housing deficit, it just takes money from social housing tenants that need it most. It forces people from their homes, it forces debt, it forces a level of control over social housing tenants as if we don’t feel enough already.

Poverty a most brutal but silent weapon of social and community devastation, fractures communities further and disconnects the poor from mainstream society. A paper based reality where the poor have paper scarcity, no money in their pockets, means dislocation of life. This ‘Bedroom Tax’ is causing more damage than it is worth. Scrap it and scrap it fast! 

For more on this story click here for SPeye or continue reading below.

Many local council’s have received and passed anti bedroom tax motions usually for No Evictions and my home city of Liverpool is no exception.  Though councillors in Liverpool must think the anti bedroom tax groups there won’t see through their farce of a motion passed recently or their huge self-interest in the motion either!

I come onto the specific Liverpool City Council motion below but firstly I explain in general terms why I don’t like or see the worth in such motions.

Firstly, as in Liverpool and in most councils, the local authority is not a landlord and so has little power to prevent an eviction which is an issue between landlord and tenant – that is the council is not a party to them and hence No Eviction motions are merely political symbolism and they serve little or no practical purpose.


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