Too Big for Jail! – Selective Law, for rich for poor!

Street Democracy writes: 

We live in a culture of self, an unjust culture of filled with accepted quasi-affluent society based on successors who ravage earth and people. If you don’t ravage earth, don’t treat your fellow human companions as commodities you won’t get their paper, their money and you won’t be successful.

We are saturated by uncertainty especially us poor folk, and we are all precariously perched in our social and economic positions, and we are all controlled by a small oligarchy. A concentration of wealth with colossal land and property ownership.

We then watch them be surrounded by fake phoney sycophantics who dribble over them and both groups walk over the poor.

We are witnessing the rise in oligarchical power a disastrous disconnected power base that is parasitical and arrogant, operating an unjust democracy and they really couldn’t care less about that. This powerful but misplaced power is corrupting our political innovation, our expression by silencing it.

They sit and watch us stand in splendid isolation, they watch as we  clamour, fight and curse our economic struggles, they watch our growing destitution without conscience and these guys are in charge?

Have a read from this blog site I have found called ‘Beyond Prophecy’ by clicking here or continue reading below.

‘I will not bore you with the endless cases of blatant larceny perpetrated upon world citizens by senior executives within the various banking and financial services sector for the past decade… it is probable the Internet has insufficient space to house the list anyway.
Suffice it to say, the extent of bald faced deceit and robbery by these scumbags rendered the entire global economy defunct, so large is this criminal activity it needs to be measured in hundreds of trillions of dollars.

The net result is untold misery for millions around the globe, in fact the true extent of crass elitist travesty is quite beyond comprehension and it may take years to quantify the debilitating effect on citizens at large.

Entirely complicit in enabling these heinous and despicable crimes with complete and utter impunity is governance, your paid representation who’s ONLY purpose is to ensure legislation and conformance in the better interests of their employer-YOU the tax payer.

The extent of criminal activity condoned by governance or even encouraged by them is quite easily the highest incompetence, or worse… ever displayed by so-called civil servants in the history of democracy… is this global travesty.

Yet, since the crimes were discovered not one single perpetrator has been prosecuted or incarcerated!!!



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