Is This Death To Our NHS? – Buy NHS for Sale!!

Street Democracy writes:

If you have some spare cash lying around, then why not purchase a big chunk of NHS. Private sale and only for the super rich ‘vulture’ corporations so they can cannibalise the Welfare State and make huge sums of money at the same time.

Bit by bit we are seeing our beloved NHS get chopped, slashed and cut up to private corporations. The fashionable trend and new Tory ‘spirit of the age’ is the ascendant of the neo-liberal with a massive appetite for profit and gain before human values.

Unleashing a rampant attack upon the NHS, our traitorous Government loose no sleep as they count the money. Our gutless and timid politicians bought and paid for by private company’s and on the pay roll deeply controlled by their corporate employers, have betrayed the British Citizen, by slashing and cutting the main arteries of our NHS.

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Cambridgeshire and Peterborough CCG: Expressions of Interest sought from organisations interested in attending an Industry Briefing

Reference number


Lead commissioner

East of England Strategic Health Authority

Other involved commissioners

Procurement is joint with local authority


Care type

Care and treatment; Intermediate care; Rehabilitation; Integrated services; Entire Care Pathway; Part of a Care Pathway

Target population

All age groups

Service setting

Acute; Community; Long-term care; Respite care; Community health and social care centre; Hospice; Home care; Multi-site

Service sector

Dental Services; Therapies / PSTM / PAM; Community support services; Nursing services (specified by specialty)


Likely total contract value (minimum)


Likely total contract value (maximum)


Likely service start date


OJEU reference


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