‘I Might As Well Die’ Desperate Letters From Those Written Off By ATOS To The Mirror



Street Democracy writes:

With all the attributes of a cold, callous, killing machine ATOS with its decisive economic blows and dehumanising methods are up there with the hounds of dismal corporations ripping innocent people apart. With ruthless efficiency they target the most vulnerable, the most disadvantaged and denounce them as fit to work, despite evidence pointing the other way.

Pain is invisible so there fore ATOS can ignore this to achieve more economic conquests as they continue to view disabled people and the long term sick as cold and objectively as they would rats in a sewer. They are in charge of your fate,  however ATOS all too eager to enforce economic sanctions, forced labour upon all those summoned to them, base their principles on financial profit.

This venal and rapacious private corporation suffers from moral paralysis and an intoxication of greed and power. They are leaving people riddled in pain, discomfort and degenerating illnesses feeling helpless, alienated and discredited that suicide is forever a moment away.

Atrocity producing policies geared to help the disadvantaged has turned into a harsh ‘heavy weight’ hard right administration with ATOS proudly perched as a ‘freemasonic’ corporation. See the ‘A’ as a compass and see then the ‘funny handshake’ deal that got ATOS an unknown and non-medical organisation, this prime easy profit making position.

They make over 110, million a year. For more on this story click here for the Same Difference to learn more, or continue reading below.divide-rule

A week ago, in this column, I told the story of Dr Greg Wood, the whistle-blower who resigned from Atos – the controversial French company paid £110 million a year to test British benefits claimants. Dr Wood left the company after his bosses asked him to declare a person he felt was severely ill “fit for work”.

There has been an astonishing response from readers, a deluge of personal horror stories about the Work ­Capability Assessment. Every letter supports what Dr Wood claimed – that following the election of the Coalition government, the WCA was made more stringent and is “cracking down on people who can’t defend themselves”. One of the hardest to read came from Sarah, a woman from Northumberland who wishes to remain anonymous.


Over her last three Atos assessments she has gone from 21 points to 0 – despite suffering a chronic back condition that has left her barely able to move. With her benefits cut, she feels such a burden on her family that she has contemplated taking her own life. “Instead, six months ago,” 47-year-old Sarah says, “I started suffering some gastro-intestinal problems, the kind you see on adverts followed by the advice to see your GP in case it’s cancer. I’ve been ignoring them… if it’s cancer then nobody needs to feel bad when I die…”

These are desperate letters.


Another came from a man saying that if his WCA appeal fails he intends to stop his thyroid medication which would kill him in a fortnight. He compared his political stance with that of Bobby Sands, the IRA man who died on a hunger strike. There were also tales of eye-watering incompetence.

Last week, a couple of days after Liam Byrne, Labour spokesman on social ­security, accused the Department for Work and Pensions of being “guilty of incompetence on an industrial scale,” a woman called Lyn Bruce signed for a package from the DWP. For seven months she has been appealing against being found fit for work.


Inside – in a huge breach of data protection – was a 260-page medical report on a woman called Shelley Maxwell. Lyn, 54, is a former bakery manager from Kettering, Northants. Shelley, 51, is a former office worker from a village near Buxton, Derbys. Lyn has four prolapsed spinal discs, a muscle-wasting illness, depression and a hole in the heart. She asked for her paperwork after going from 32 to 0 points at her WCA.


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