Biotech Industry Slips Pro-GMO Propaganda Into Childrens Textbooks

Street Democracy writes:

In George Orwell’s book 1984 he shows children being brainwashed to the point they watch their own parents to measure the loyalty towards Government. If the parents didn’t show enough enthusiasm towards their centralised authority, the children (members of the Youth Police) would report them.

Here we are seeing children being coerced with Genetically Modified Organisms as only a fundamentally, positive force and don’t listen to your parents if they disagree, type scenario.


With more and more of our schools becoming ‘Academies’ corporate controlled prisons of compulsory attendance for our children, it is safe to say, corporate values will be applied at all times. This means void of all human values, common sense to be replaced by economised view points, to better the current tyrannical system.

To force feed false morals, to make our children regurgitate disturbingly similar to fascism and systems of totalitarianism agendas. To announce a corporate world and merge our children with corporatism and to economise all life on this planet and brainwash them into obeying their authority.

Failing to mention Frankenstein, evil in white coats splice and force two separate DNA to conform together to generate monster forming science. It isn’t the same as cross pollinating species of plants, for it is still nature that is in control, but here the scientist is forcibly using life to re-create life, for profit, for control and to play the creator.

Failing to mention the following from Genetically Modified Food Information click here for more or continue reading.


As much as “70 percent” of food prepackaged in a normal grocery store contain genetically modified foods. Are they all safe?

  • StarLink corn
    • modified corn that was found in stores, which were never intended for human consumption. It was designed specifically for pig feed.
  • Flavr Savr tomato
    • genetically modified tomato that rot longer.
    • but less resistant to pests and easily caught diseases, which made the crops even more costly to grow and thus higher price for consumers.
  • Pharmaceuticals
    • as pollen spreads, genes from  pharmaceutical plants have made it into the food supply.
    • these drugged foods are more commonly being fed to animals that are raised to be slaughtered and consumed by humans.
  • Allergens
    • BT toxin, designed to kill pests that eat crops, caused allergies and other responses.

Safety for environment

    • Increase use of pesticides and herbicides
      • the world’s largest supplier of genetically modified seed for crops is Monsanto, which happens to be one of the larger producers of pesticides and herbicides.
      • roundup Ready Soy fields require an average 3x as much Roundup.

  • Cross pollination
      • pollen from modified plants can spreads and will infect other plants, creating “superweeds” with          insecticidal properties or herbicide-resistance.
      • insects becoming resistant to the BT gene inserted into corn and cotton in order to kill off pests.
      • in Canada, an organic crop field was contaminated by Monsato’s genetically modified rapeseed.

monsato’s  rapeseed farm

the organic farmer

Financial Impacts:

  • $200 million was invested in creating Flavr Savr, and almost non of the investmet was able to be reclaimed.
  • GM crops have cost the United States an estimated $12 billion in farm  subsidies, lost sales and product recalls due to transgenic contamination
  • Massive failures in Bt Cotton up to 100% in India.

Testing, testing..

  • Very little testing has been done on GM foods.
    • genetic engineering is a new field, and long term results are unclear
    • funding only given to tests which show positive results.

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