Employment Support Allowance Tribunal – WON!

Street Democracy writes:

A case of ATOS striking off someone with back problems, someone who is in constant pain and has flare ups where they remain in bed until their body heals, won her case yesterday at a Tribunal.

It wasn’t thought she stood a chance, but she sat down with a Judge, a Doctor and her witness. The witness turned out to be her saving grace.

It wasn’t a McKenzie as they had let her down. It wasn’t citizens advice because they had let her down too, and it wasn’t a solicitor either. The winning witness turned out to be a Recruitment Consultant, of 22 years in the business.

Towards the end this Recruitment Consultant hadn’t said much but did say that he wouldn’t employ his friend because she would work for 2 weeks, but then be off sick for 2 weeks and this would be a regular pattern. As in the recruitment industry it is vital for employers to be given reliable staff and no one deemed a liability too.

This was apparently important as when she returned for the verdict of her appeal against ATOS decision, the Judge summed it. How can you be expected to work if you are unreliable and a liability, your friend is right. On this we have awarded you your 15 points.

These were not the exact words but this was the point the Judge made. Worth a thought to take a Recruitment Consultant. Also to point out she had years of medical evidence also. However, you never know having a Recruitment Consultant whose going to give an honest opinion, may carry as much weight as it did for her.


3 thoughts on “Employment Support Allowance Tribunal – WON!

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  2. Amazing! I went through a similar tribunal, and three years later I’m going through it again. I stupidly believed when I received my judgement stating ” until the condition had changed or at least medication had been removed” I could not be considered Able to work thT I would be free from the abusive tactics of ATOS. This organisation by proxy of the government seems able to run free with their own target agendas and get away with it


    • They have targets to strike folk fit for work. Sure you’ve seen the horror stories of people being labelled ‘fit to work’ only to die of their condition soon after. Shocking character assassination of genuninely decent folk who for reasons private to them are unable to work and pay taxes. The system is unfair it is unjust it is itself ‘not fit for purpose’. Thanks for commenting.


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