Home Town Crawley: Orwellian Rules Slaps £100 Fine for Woman Shopping at County Oak!

http://www.crawleynews.co.uk/Woman-gets-100-fine-spending-long-County-Oak/story-19842198-detail/story.html?ito=email_newsletter_crawleynews ​ANOTHER FINE MESS: Jacqui Weller was fined for spending too long shopping at County Oak Retail Park

  1. ANOTHER FINE MESS: Jacqui Weller was fined for spending too long shopping at County Oak Retail Park

Street Democracy writes:

The Draconian rules set by corporate unfettered capitalism means you get fines for the most trivia. To have an innocent woman comply to these corporate vultures, that of shop, obey and spend money, you’d think they’d be content.

Apparently not, she got punished, fined and had more money forced out of her, just for outstaying the parking time by a few minutes. I didn’t know there was a time limit.

Where is there a big sign up saying ‘Park for 2 hours only or face a £100 fine’? I have never noticed it if there is one and I was there the other day too.

These financial aggressors will see opportunities to make money from public ignorance all the time.

I will admit, I didn’t know there was a parking time there, not that I would spend more than 2 hours there, it isn’t an attractive place I’d want to chill out in a coffee shop.

It makes you realise the ‘corporatocracy’ we are living under. A rogue capitalist system of corporate values to squander by ‘draconian rules’ money by force from innocent people. They are financial aggressors.

The best thing is not to stay for coffee, it is an eye sore anyway, watching people enslaved and compelled to be charged over the odds for a product by corporate vultures.

I find it a tragic place to be anyway, and drive in and leave as quickly as I arrived. I was quite shocked there was a coffee shop there. There is no view, no water feature or any natural beauty, just a grey concrete car park and grey money devouring corporations.

For more on this story click here for Crawley News or continue reading.


A PRIMARY school teacher has vowed never to shop at County Oak Retail Park again – after   getting a parking ticket for   spending too long in its shops.

Jacqui Weller spent two hours and 15 minutes at the retail park, not realising there was a two-hour maximum. It appears the   company in charge of running the car park has recently started enforcing the time limit.


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