They’ve Done It – Behind Closed Doors The Reptilians Have Killed Free Press! Free Speech! Free Thinking!

Approved behind closed doors, curbs that end three centuries of Press freedom

Street Democracy writes:

A clever strategy devised by suited psychopaths and pathological liars of the ruling and political class to ensure their safety. To safe guard our corrupt officials as their paranoia increases by the day of all the wrong doings, of all the death dealing politics they unleash to us all.

To protect the dodgy dealings of the elite, to protect the corporate whores with their lies and deceit, to protect the shady dealings of the ruling elite, they have won the right to ‘gag’ the press.

The freedom of the press was and still is questionable anyway, considering they are all owned by a few corporate whores who control the content of the news. Nevertheless, less freedom is never a good thing.

Think about all the on going’s of the world as we know it yet Sky News, ABC, FOX News and BBC, ITV and so on all repeat, regurgitate and speak the same language about the same stories all day, every day as if they share the same cue cards.


However this is choking journalism further and now those true investigative journalists will be hushed, silenced and gagged from the beginning.

It is a matter of time before ‘our speech’ is watched and monitored for the ‘thought police’ to slam our doors down at our thought provoking attitudes against government. Yet we must stop secret meetings making law without the wet ink signatures of the public, or without the consent of the public.


The social contract between public and government ignored, violated and disrespected is apparent when behind closed doors our ruling elite go ahead with life changing policies bad for democracy.

A truly fantastic move to isolate the public to stand alone in all our splendour, while our corrupt ruling and political classes protect themselves more from their ever increasing paranoia they suffer from. For more on this story click here for the Daily Mail or continue reading.


‘A secretive committee of four ministers yesterday approved a Royal Charter to regulate the Press, provoking claims that politicians are undermining 300 years of freedom of speech.

The Privy Council, which advises the Queen, rubber-stamped the plans after newspapers lost two last ditch legal bids to halt the process.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg chaired a meeting at Buckingham Palace at which Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, Culture Secretary Maria Miller and Liberal Democrat peer Lord McNally were also present. The Queen was then obliged to grant the Royal Charter.

It grants politicians the right to meddle in Press regulation for the first time since the licensing of newspapers was abolished in 1695.’ Read more …

Queen sets seal on cross-party politicians’ charter for press regulation

‘After a succession of last-gasp legal attempts by the newspaper industry to thwart the process, the Queen has given her approval to a government-backed royal charter governing the regulation of the press.

At a meeting of the Privy Council, the Queen set her seal on the document, which is backed by the three main political parties but is almost universally opposed by the publishers it is intended to oversee.

Hours earlier, senior newspaper representatives had gone to the High Court to seek an injunction to stop the Privy Council hearing, claiming that the industry’s own version of a reform charter had been unfairly rejected.’

Read more …


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