Police move on campaigners for ‘criminal acts against the Department of Work and Pensions’


Street Democracy writes:

The absolute barbarity of ruthlessness, the brutally savage and ferocious power thrown savagely at peace  loving innocent people by our ruling elites is desperately concerning.

To witness them gang up, bully and enforce the law against peaceful demonstrators is proof our government is a mafia styled corrupt bunch of henchmen serving themselves and their wealthy bloodline family networks.

The political infrastructure targets innocent people desperately trying to exercise their moral rights of democracy, their duty of political innovation and expression to the ruling elite only to be slammed down and crushed for doing so.


We have a corrupt government, filled with political diatribes of bitter, insensitive abuse towards citizens daring to speak out.

Has Britain adopted a 1960’s South Africa style ‘Apartheid’ where the citizens are not included in democracy, are separated from basic human rights and are excluded from mainstream politics?


The police appear to serve and protect these rude individuals but violently arrest the people in a toxic indoctrinisation programme spawned somewhere within the epicentre of Parliament. A ruthless program of ceaseless stoking of fear to normal everyday people unhappy with the political status quo and now helpless to do anything about it.

Is democracy just for the super rich?

It is almost like our politicians are hovering over the fear they create in some sick attempt of people farming, harvesting off their anguish, and attack them while they are vulnerable.

For more on the despicable crimes of our government, click here for Vox Political or continue reading.603574_657884064228593_1601672711_n

‘Some of you may be aware that police invaded the home of a campaigner for Disabled People Against Cuts, living in Cardiff, just before midnight yesterday (October 26).

Apparently she had been accused of “Criminal acts against the Department for Work and Pensions” – being that she has been highlighting the deaths of sick and disabled people following reassessment by Atos and the DWP for Employment and Support Allowance.

No charges were brought against the lady concerned and it is generally considered that this was an act of intimidation.

Since then, I have been informed of three other incidents in which police either visited campaigners at home or stopped them in the street to, in colloquial terms, “put the frighteners on them”. Two were vulnerable women with mental illness, one of whom lives alone.

The forces allegedly involved were South Wales, Dyfed Powys and North Yorkshire Police.’

Read more: Police move on campaigners for ‘criminal acts against the Department of Work and Pensions’


2 thoughts on “Police move on campaigners for ‘criminal acts against the Department of Work and Pensions’

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