Rothschild Zionist Cameron’s Hypocrisy: Who shall we Bomb Next?

Street Democracy writes:

The ruling elites are firing up their Rothschild Zionist puppets of which Cameron is but one, to stir up for the war, the war of the century that is. This propaganda will keep on until war is accepted as inevitable. The amount of false flag operations in the planning must be off scale.

The secret black op programs are teaming with secret plans to blow this group up, blow that building over there up, blame these guys here, and start the blame game on international controlled mainstream media.scumbag-govt-wants-end-terrorism-bombing-iraqi-children-vik-politics-1380519579

Mainstream media only ask the questions they are told too. Mainstream media get given scripts to read from and question nothing but obey and do as they are asked too.


Controlled media outlets will exaggerate these false flags, emphasize the blame game and repeat this all day, all week until the public begin to believe the lies they hear.


The ruling wealth, the families that fund wars want their money, they want to depopulate the working classes more and more as the information revolution has taken hold. People of the ordinary are waking up the to political playground and the elites who rule are terrified.8001_458023280932823_1539675080_n

The war will shock us to re-think survival rather than about the deception from mainstream, news, science, pharmaceutical companies, mainstream education all government controlled stuff for a mass indoctrinisation program for our youth. Like Hitler’s youth were, and the young in the book ‘1984’ by George Orwell.war

The ruling elites own the corporations who manufacture the bullets, the bombs, the uniforms and the war vehicles and they make obscene amounts of profit from the orders needed on both sides of the war.

They operate both sides, they manufacture for both sides and this Third World War will be multiple sides, complicated, messy but those elites sit above it all and operate the whole theatre of war.

For more on the build up to propagandise for World War 3 click here for Global Research or continue reading.23905_653016364709625_1850797278_n

‘David Cameron has questioned Sri Lanka’s human rights record before the Commonwealth Summit begins on Friday, yet another example of the intrusive arrogance that goes hand-in-hand with NATO foreign policy, yet another example of sheer hypocrisy, insolence and chauvinism.

The pig-faced arrogance with which NATO committed war crimes in Libya, entering the country with boots on the ground in direct breach of UN Resolutions 1970 and 1973, the sheer callousness of its attacks on civilian targets without any regard for human lives or well-being, the strafing and cold-blooded murder of the Gaddafi grandchildren, roasted alive in their skins by a NATO coward-murderer in a military aircraft, sent a shiver down the spine of every single well-meaning, good human being on this planet.’

Read more: Rothschild Zionist Cameron’s Hypocrisy: Who shall we Bomb Next?



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