Illegal Human Experiments – Eastenders Write Scripts There – Tavistock Institution A Dark Place

Street Democracy writes: Tavistock Institute A Secret Organisation

The leaders in human mind control and mass mind manipulation, it is clear an organisation such as Tavistock, needs to know its stuff.

You cannot sit and theorise on how people of all different types will react without experimentation and that has to be done on people.

Ever wondered why so many people go missing?

They don’t all end up working abroad to start afresh, or turn up years later, or found buried in some shallow grave. Some end up in the human slave trade and trafficked around the world.

Some end up in underground basements like in the Tavistock Institute and never come out.

It is a ‘ultra secret organisation’ a secret occult, hidden from view and it has levels of basements underground where no one can hear the ‘profound speak’ or the cries of the victims scream’s.


An NHS clinic is treating transgender children as young as 12 with drug therapies to prepare them for a sex change, it has been revealed. More than 20 youngsters with ‘gender dysphoria’ are being prescribed hormone blockers by doctors at the Tavistock Clinic in north London.

The treatment halts the onset of puberty – preventing children from developing the sexual characteristics of the gender they were born.
The Tavistock Agenda

The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations : Dr. John Coleman on Veritas Radio (High).flv



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