New study shows fractures within 720 feet of Balcombe village

Street Democracy writes:

The massification of corporate power is determined every time the ordinary man or woman tries to stand up against them in protest, or by using critical thinking, end up being driven over by the powers of corporatism.

We are witnessing the monopoly of abandoning human values, the disconnection of the law of nature for the explosion in power of a corporate world, government and policies.


Fracking has shone a light upon the dirt of venal gluttonous ruling elites whose hands fondle regularly their deep pockets of economic gains and profit.

The village of Balcombe is one tiny village staring in the face of malevolent capitalism. Corrupt globalists that are ravishing savagely the countryside to drain the natural gas from earth.


These corporate whores are vandalising our countryside with no concerns.

We have free energy and it’s clean too. Read: 

Free Energy has bee around since early 1900′s-Nikol Tesla

Bring On Our Much Needed Nikola Tesla ‘Free Energy’! Massachusetts seeks 10-yr ban on gas fracking after series of Texas quakes1010690_606183876081378_1032598033_n

They are brutally raping and plundering earth’s already fragile and delicate ecosystem, yet like cannibals they continue to drool over her destruction seeing only money, profit and financial gain.

The tyrannical pathways are loaded with toxic politics that block democracy firmly. Unfettered, unchecked and unregulated capitalism becomes corrupt once the addiction of greed takes over and fracking is a prime example.

The Balcombe protesters watched the erosion and the dissembling of social justice and democracy by heavy weight bureaucrats and an equally heavy police presence.

Balcombe residents speak about Fracking

WARNING Fracking An Inconvenient Truth Watch Learn about Fracking Shale Gas what they dont say

Another Fracking Truth and the Beast of Balcombe Revealed


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