Staged Sandy Hook: When Will They See He Was Under Hypnosis/Mind Control?

Sandy Hook preview

Street Democracy writes:

There is too much evidence to suggest this young man was under mind control and even the CIA admit about ‘mind controlling techniques’.


CIA Brainwashing Techniques

Look at Barbara Bush’s eyes!

You can even watch them in action on You Tube. Mind control is simply that. Hypnotist’s can hypnotise people and make them perform in activities they don’t even remember doing.

They can behave in ways they wouldn’t normally and the hypnotist, the mind controller, the handler, can manipulate strangers at the click of their fingers.

Gunman: Adam Lanza opened fire at his old elementary school on December 14, 2012

Gunman: Adam Lanza opened fire at his old elementary school on December 14, 2012

How is this never seen despite the eyes of the victims under the spell clearly showing a strong hypnotic trance?

It is a staged killing and the victim has no idea in their reality of doing this.

Only some deep unconscious state of mind do they recall certain events relating the crime.

The solution is they want guns banned.


So the evil’s of this world, the ruling elite, mind control some innocent kid to do their dirty work. They kill a bunch of kids they care not for, and catch the gunman, ‘look here he is’ and then start the ‘end gun ownership’ campaign while the pain of child killing is fresh in the minds of people.


I am baffled as to how so many people cannot see the game plan. The woman in the picture above was the ‘Batman’ Theatre shooter’s lawyer one minute and then a parent at Sandy Hook the next!

They are even using the same actors and the public don’t even notice.


Our increasingly paranoid elite want more rules down, want guns out of arms reach of the public and then tyranny can really get going.

The worst thing Americans can do is give up their guns. Here in the UK we are sitting ducks to tyranny and it is down to protesting if we wish to stand up for ourselves. Something the government are trying to criminalise.

This tactic isn’t just for gun control.


They are killing our NHS the same way with needless deaths occurring all the time and government blaming the ailing NHS for failing people. Their solution of course is to privatise the welfare state.

It is a ‘problem reaction solution’ that the elites have been playing us for eternity. Just give it some thought or do your own research into the all the mass gunman shootings. There is a pattern.

For more on this click here for the Daily Mail who don’t cover truth and certainly isn’t a fool to this story, but mainstream media is corporately controlled, or continue reading.


It has been a year since Kaitlin Roig-DeBellis saved the lives of 15 children, as she barricaded her pupils in a tiny bathroom at Connecticut’s Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The teacher doesn’t know if Adam Lanza ever entered her classroom, but her quick thinking  undoubtedly saved the lives of her pupils as they huddled together terrified.

The 30-year-old, who has taken nearly a year off work, recalled the terrifying sounds during the 11-minute shooting that killed 26 people, including 20 six and seven year olds.
CIA Mind Control Experiments | Secrets of the Central Intelligence Agency | Full Documentary Film

Fritz Springmeier CIA Bill Clinton Mind Control


3 thoughts on “Staged Sandy Hook: When Will They See He Was Under Hypnosis/Mind Control?

  1. this is happening to me now, adelaide australia 5169. sleep dep. horrible questions . threats, sexual abuse. its all happening in australia now! andwith the new laws passed its all good! but it isnt.


  2. i have a little more control luckily. its just me being affected. but they wont allow me to talk to any family , friends or im bombarded with threats.


    • Sleep deprivation-close eyes see through bad pics-they don’t harm you only if you allow. Your mind not thiers so sleep otherwise you’ll get very sick and your body will hurt. Take each hour by hour. Don’t think too much. Clear mind and understand which are your thoughts and which are planted by others. Easy to do. Find someone online to help you unless you are psychic..Are you? Who won’t let you talk? Don’t answer by giving intimate details.


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