Out Of Touch With Hot Disdain For Poor: Iain Duncan Smith: I’ll stop Benefits Street Britain

Iain Duncan Smith: I’ll stop Benefits Street Britain


Street Democracy writes:

As Iain Duncan Smith breathes in the decay of the social and financial disorder he has caused for many of the poorest as he still continues to stumble over upon his complete ignorance of poverty.

This is ‘entropy’ the deliberate running down, the degradation of the benefit claimant by purposeful intent by government.

His death-dealing politics is a success in bringing down the lives of much-loved family members, through no fault of their own and guilty of needing the safety net, to help them exist in such a cut throat harsh world.1394182_522053177878676_7145944_n-1Watching a biased, staged propaganda program like ‘Benefit Street’ has swayed IDS out of touch, far right judgement as fit for purpose when it is far removed and completely divorced from reality.

He has blood on his hands and death follows him around as he mercilessly closes his eyes to the savage and heavy weight financial sanctions he unleashes to people on benefits.


Poverty is the rape of the mind, the destruction of the family, fracturing communities and causing an unhealthy society.

It is a serious weapon of imminent death and IDS uses gun shot polices such as this to eradicate the statistics on his sheet.

Staged propaganda and stereo typical characters of the poor have fuelled the system of punishment further, causing a ‘punishing State’ for anyone daring now to be on benefits.


I am aware of undesirables in the poor sector of society, equally as I am aware of the criminal elites in the upper sector of our society, both have hand outs from the tax payers, yet one is penalised more for trying to survive.

However, it must be pointed out that many innate decent people are on benefits. They do not apply their life to the black market, they do not smoke or drink, and do not part take in drug taking.


These are the benefit people never mentioned, the majority who have legitimate reasons, but the ones that have questionable characters are the ones highlighted and put in the spotlight to show their dirt.

Now the demonization of benefit claimants is almost complete.

Just a few more bad characters who claim to make the headlines and society who walk with their ‘eyes wide shut’ will hate the welfare state benefit system and kindly demand the government stop all forms of payments.

We are witnessing a diseased controlled consciousness of ruling elite think tanks, of aristocratic blood lines, orchestrating the spread of this disease to enter the public sphere and turn a caring society into a ruthless, cold-hearted one like them.

For more on this click here: Iain Duncan Smith: I’ll stop Benefits Street Britain or continue reading.

‘The Coalition’s welfare reforms will “make Britain great again”, Iain Duncan Smith will say, after the Bank of England suggested for the first time that benefits curbs are pushing people back into work.

In a speech that seeks to build on “extraordinary” jobless figures, the Work and Pensions Secretary will promise to end the “twilight world” of entire communities that are reliant on benefits.

The Conservatives will put further welfare changes at the heart of the 2015 election manifesto, Mr Duncan Smith will say, as he mounts a renewed attack on Labour for creating “unnecessary fear” over his reforms. He will warn of the hidden “ghettos” of long-term unemployment that still exist and will pledge to transform lives by “lifting people up”.’ Read more: Iain Duncan Smith: I’ll stop Benefits Street Britain

So this is “lifting people up’ is it? Woman told to find work is in a COMA

‘A mentally ill woman forced on to the Coalition’s Work Programme is in a coma – but is still being sent letters by benefits assessors.

Bipolar patient Sheila Holt, 47, was sectioned in December after being taken off Income Support. Days later she had a heart attack and fell into the coma.

This weekend, Miss Holt, of Rochdale, Gtr Manchester, was sent a letter by Atos to ask why she was not working.’ Read more …


Don’t think about what’s happening to Britain – or you may have to get out and vote


‘Do not get sick.

Don’t fall over, don’t have an accident at work, don’t catch a bug. Try not to get old.

Don’t be single. Don’t be bereaved. Don’t be depressed.

Woe betide if you are weak, if you were born disabled or disadvantaged, if a limb doesn’t work properly or your organs need fixing.

Pray that your parents are healthy and wealthy; that your children are robust and bright; that your employer never hits hard times.’

Read more …

Sorry, David Blunkett – but Russell Brand has a point

‘Here’s a little prediction. At the next election, millions of people will not vote. They will be, on average, poorer than those who do. And it will not be Russell Brand’s fault, or Will Self’s fault, or their own fault. The fault lies with a political élite that is – with some wonderful exceptions – woefully unrepresentative, lacking in understanding of bread-and-butter issues, and pushing an ideology that kicks people at the bottom while shoving wealth and power into the hands of people at the top.

I have to say this because the former Labour Home Secretary David Blunkett has suggested that the likes of Brand and Self are a “disgrace” for encouraging people not to vote. At the last election, there was a 20 per cent gap in turn-out between poorer voters and professional middle-class voters, and that was before Brand’s intervention. It gets worse with every election. Politics seems abstract, completely removed from everyday life, another planet. And that is sad.’ Read more …



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