House of Zionist Rothschild’s Stirring Up For World War 3 In Middle East

Street Democracy writes:

The manipulation of civil unrest is easy when puppet governments bring austerity and be as corrupt in their wealth for all to see, it isn’t hard to upset the locals in any country.

Manufacturing civil unrest, to send agent provocateurs to dress as rebels and start riots in the streets in the name of ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom’ those famous words over used, used and abused, time and time again.

There is no doubt in my mind the Rothschild’s governments will gain their 3rd world war.


If you look too closely and fall into the system of arguing, you will gain opinion, you will argue too, you will then divide and that’s the point of ‘conquer and divide’ strategy which never fails.

Stand back and see the manufacturing of propaganda in all nations with civil unrest and start to piece things together. There is always a pattern and war is always manufactured.

The agent provocateur’s want world war 3 and to get this they must destabilize the masses, cause manufactured social revolutions that appear to remove dictators which just in fact shuffle one dictator to another.


To stir up other nations, drag them in like Russia and create more division as everyone runs around like headless chickens in sheer panic over leadership, democracy, social justice and eventually the fear of war.

Democracy is distorted, it is dysfunctional and open to abuse when it is. We are witnessing the take over of a one world government, and this 3rd war will be the final key.


For more on this civil unrest continue reading.

Tymoshenko Promises to Deliver Ukraine to the Globalists

‘On Saturday, oligarch, embezzler, murder suspect and former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko, released from a clinical hospital in the eastern industrial city of Kharkiv, told the Euromaidan revolutionaries in Kyviv’s Independence Square to stay the course.

“Do not leave Maidan as long as you have not obtained what you wanted,” she told the crowd. “Your fight for freedom will bring about democracy in other ex-Soviet republics.”

“This is a different Ukraine. This is a Ukraine of free people, and you have given this country to each and all of us, those who are living today and those who will live tomorrow. That is why people were on Maidan, who perished on Maidan will be heroes for ever,” she said.

As she traveled to Kyviv to embrace the revolution that claimed the lives of around 100 people and brought down the government of a corrupt Yanukovych and his confederates, Tymoshenko declared she is “sure that Ukraine will be a member of the European Union in the near future and this will change everything,” according to the Interfax news agency.’

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Don’t be fooled by her angelic looks, she’s as ruthless as she’s corrupt: A withering portrait of Ukraine’s ‘saviour’ by Edward  Lucas, a Russia expert who knows her well

Nobody who meets Yulia Tymoshenko forgets the moment. The billionaire Ukrainian politician’s charm is formidable. In a political landscape studded with novices and thugs, she stands out. Her angelic beauty and two-year detention in jail has attracted worldwide sympathy.

On Saturday, she was released following the overthrow of Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych in a dramatic coup.

Later that night, Tymoshenko, who has been suffering severe back pain, appeared in a wheelchair in Kiev’s Independence Square, where she made a passionate speech to the 50,000-strong crowd. She called them ‘heroes’ who had removed a ‘cancer’ from the country. She also indicated she would run for president in elections in May.

But the prospect of her political comeback makes me fear for the future of the increasingly unstable and volatile Ukraine. Mrs Tymoshenko’s immaculate blonde tresses and sometimes kittenish ways have led many macho politicians in the Ukraine — and abroad — to underestimate her. The truth is that her determination is terrifying. Nobody and nothing gets in her way.’

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Ambassador Rice Warns Moscow Not to Intervene in Ukraine
‘Obama’s ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, has warned Russia not to send troops to Ukraine to protect its assets in the country, including a naval base at Sevastopol on the Black Sea.

“It’s not in the interest of Ukraine or of Russia or of Europe or of the United States to see a country split. It’s in nobody’s interests to see violence return and the situation escalate,” Rice said Sunday on NBC’s Meet the Press.

She said it would be a “grave mistake” for Russia to consider using its military in defense of its national interests. The United States routinely uses its military to protect its national interests and what it defines as its national security.’

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Eastern Ukrainians Revolt Against Western-Backed Coup

It is hardly surprising, given the drastically divided nation, that when Vitali Klitschko’s pro-European political party ventured to Kerch – a city of the eastern edge of Ukraine in the Crimea region – things did not go entirely according to plan… This is the region that Russia has stated it is willing to go to war over and is deep in the pro-Russia territory… headlines galore are coming out of Ukraine but all that matters now is the Russian response…

Especially after Tymoshenko’s earlier comments:


A EuroMaidan meeting does not go quite as planned in the east/west of Ukraine…

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Fears grow that Ukraine will split in two as crisis deepens in Kiev

‘Fears that Ukraine could split in two mounted yesterday as protesters seized the Kiev office of President Viktor Yanukovych and opposition lawmakers pressed on with forming a new cabinet.

Regional lawmakers in the pro-Russian east, meanwhile, questioned the authority of the national parliament and said they were taking control of their territories.

The embattled president, who left Kiev for his stronghold in eastern Ukraine, said he was not resigning and slammed the crisis as a coup, saying it resembled the rise of the Nazis in the 1930s.

“Everything that is happening today is … vandalism and bandits and a coup d’état,” Yanukovych said in a televised statement. He said he would not sign any of the measures passed by parliament, which include trimming his powers and releasing his jailed arch-rival, ex-prime minister Yuliya Tymoshenko.’

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US-NATO War With Russia Over Ukraine

We should open chequebook to rebuild Ukraine, says Osborne: Chancellor offers millions to new government

‘George Osborne offered the Ukraine a blank cheque last night to turn the ravaged country around. The Chancellor said the UK is willing to pour millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money to prop up the new government.

Speaking at a meeting of G20 finance ministers in Australia, Mr Osborne said: ‘We are here ready to help just as soon as there is someone at the end of the telephone.

‘We should be there with a chequebook to help the people of Ukraine rebuild their country.’’

Read more …


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