An Interview With @JobCentreMole About DWP Corruption


Street Democracy writes:

Like a psychopathic virus, the DWP enforces Job Centre staff to become as toxic as their policies and this is evidence of such toxicity.

This psychopathic persuasion isn’t hard if benefit staff are being financially rewarded for being as ruthless as they can. 

Our Tory governments overtly innate hostility towards the poor, the unemployed, the long term sick and disabled citizens is empowered by staff members.

Staff members of the Job Centre localise this form of bureaucratic institutional heavy weight attack upon the poorest in society, expelling them from self empowerment, from being able to stand up for themselves.


To enforce the minds of staff, the DWP has bought them with money, with the prospect of bonus at the great expense of those with no money and who desperately rely on benefit payments.

It is a bleak political landscape for us poor, for those of us unemployed, for those unable to contribute towards a working week, each week and every week, it is a dire blow to the lower class democracy.

Job Centre staff administer financial butchery with G4S bouncers hanging around to aid intimidation within the grey walls of this torture and help with localising oppression.


For the unemployed life is a detention centre with strict codes of heavy weight surveillance and rules to obey or you don’t get your benefits and it is time staff work up at their callous dealings towards others in a hopeless situation.

Death dealing politics becomes death dealing policies enforced by Job Centre staff with no conscious or moral fibre.

For more on this account click here for Same Difference or Guerilla Policy. for more or continue reading: All pictures displayed by Street Democracy.

Iain Duncan Smith Self Aggrandising Narcissist AAV

An Interview With @JobCentreMole About DWP Corruption

Cross posted, with thanks, from Guerilla Policy.

In November 2013 I interviewed the DWP whistleblower known as the Jobcentre Mole, who used Twitter to expose corruption and advise DWP victims. In the interview the Mole revealed the existence of sanctions bonuses and competition between JobCentres to sanction the most people. Now another whistleblower who tweets from the @JobcentreMole account tells his story, revealing that job centres use sanctions to reduce the number of JSA claimants and make it look like unemployment is falling. (All emphases mine).

Your partner Mole revealed that advisors are given bonuses for sanctioning and there is a list system to force Job Centres to compete with each other to sanction the most people. Could you describe when you saw bonuses being given out or when you saw advisors being blamed for not sanctioning enough jobseekers?

Staff were getting marked as ‘must improve’…because they had not [sanctioned enough jobseekers].”

Well, there is an annual bonus payment in place and it is supposed to be performance related. Basically staff have two reviews per year, an interim & then a final about every six months. Staff are “reviewed” on their performance over the previous 6 months by their line managers. The final reviews will be coming up shortly, btw. The reviews are basically conversations about what you have achieved over the period, evidence you supply of examples of good customer service, say. The line manager then makes an assessment and gives you a performance marking: Excellent, Good or Must Improve.

Excellent and Good means you will be paid a bonus. There are mainly 2 staff grades in a JCP office which deal with customers. Band B staff mainly do the signing part and administration support. Band C staff are mainly advisors or line managers to band B’s. Band C are generally thought of as being a junior manager grade, god help us as this is where most of the dead wood is, & the grade above! The bonus payments are approx £360 & £520 for B and C respectively, so we are really talking about a fortune here when the head of DWP Robert Deveraux allegedly was paid a £20K bonus.

For more click here for Same Difference or Guerilla Policy.


One thought on “An Interview With @JobCentreMole About DWP Corruption

  1. Chelmsford JCP is a disgrace. G4S bouncers control the staff and claimants. Many local people are sanctionwd and or banned from the jcp and some staff have been saked for not meeting sanctin tacrgets


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