Top 13 Bloodline Families and DuPont is one of them…Du Pont heir accused of raping second child in lawsuit


Street Democracy writes:

There is a lot of hidden history to the DuPont’s but never the less I was shocked to see this headline.

There is a lot of evidence to suggest ‘paedophilia’ is a staple diet amongst some of the wealthy bloodline families.

Now we have evidence of this so called staple diet which also includes behaving in a most vile, decrepid and ruthless business and trade manner as well as sexual deviant of children. 

Click here for Paedophile Information Exchange list of members exposed to see how high up the societal ladder the influential elites who are paedophiles goes. 

Now the PIE can add this psychopath to it’s list of vile creatures.

And this headline won’t do the DuPont’s any harm either, in fact I am surprised it even reached the surface considering they control the media and control the actions of literally everyone they meet.

The sick and twisted minds of some however, the psychopathic brain of this man however, is the one that shouldn’t be allowed any power, any freedom of movement.

If it is true and he can rape his own daughter, and sexually abuse his own son and such tender ages, then this psychopathic predator should be locked up for life.

He is of course a DuPont and interestingly enough, which police officer is going to be the arresting officer of such a family name?

Clearly non of them.

For more on this story of the beast of DuPont click here or continue reading:

Du Pont heir accused of raping second child in lawsuit

‘A du Pont family heir who raped his 3-year-old daughter nearly a decade ago but received no prison time now faces a lawsuit from his former wife that accuses him of sexually abusing his toddler son.

Robert H. Richards IV, 47, who is supported by a trust fund and who paid $1.8 million for his 5,800-square-foot mansion near Winterthur Museum, pleaded guilty in 2008 to fourth-degree rape of his daughter. Currently on probation, he has never been charged with crimes against his son.

The lawsuit provides in-depth details about a child rape case that Delaware authorities never disclosed publicly and did not receive media attention.’

Read more …

The Top Illuminati Bloodline Families and their Mind Control

The DuPont Family by Fritz Springmeier 


The DuPont’s are a dynasty of Kings.

They have been called Kings- and rightly so even if people have been unaware that they are a dynasty of Illuminati Kings. I do not know which particular men have served during the Satanic rituals. The family has always had a head of the family. It may be that the most powerful DuPont may also secretly serve as the highest Satanist.

I don’t know who has been representing the family at the highest levels of secret Satanism (I suspect or surmise it has not been the public head of the family in modern times), but I can list the public head of the family as it passed down through time:

Persons below                   years as head of family         generation coming to America

Pierre Samuel Dupont            1739-1817                                         first

Eleuthère lrénée DuPont        1817-1834                                       second

Alfred Victor DuPont              18341850                                          third

Henry DuPont                       1850-1889                                         third

Henry A. DuPont                   1889- –                                             fourth


Sitting down to write about the du Pont’s reminded me of two other families.

Recently, John Coleman, a researcher on the elite, commented to me that when he had researched the Queen of Denmark he had discovered that the royal danish family was slipping away secretly from everyone and they were going to Satanic rituals. It is also noteworthy that 5 modern kings of Denmark have been the leaders of Freemasonry in Denmark, and the Danish royal family, princes etc. have been active Masons.

John Dale wrote a book The Prince and The Paranormal which goes into the secret occult activities of the British royal family, especially Prince Charles, but also many other royal family members too. Besides the secret occult activities of the British Monarch, they have been openly leaders of Freemasonry ( see the Appendix of Be Wise As Serpents for a detailed chart on this.) The du Ponts are similar to these families in that they too are a dynasty, they too have a very public image, and they too have a totally hidden life. In fact, the du Ponts have better control over the press’s coverage of them than the British Royal Family.

One of the clues that the family is a top Satanic family are the frequency of marriages between relatives of the du Pont descendants. Few people are aware of the immense importance bloodlines play in the upper levels of Satanism. Blood is believed to carry the occult power. Unless a person has the correct blood he or she will not rise to the highest levels of Satanism. The du Ponts have intermarried with the Balls and the Gardners. These other families are known to be involved with the Illuminati and Satanism.

For more on this account of the DuPont’s click here 


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