Orwellian Police State – Law To Criminalise Complaining About Police!

House Bill 2698: Kansas To Criminalize Complaints Against Cops


Love your servitude, don’t question authority an abstract from George Orwell’s book ‘1984’

Street Democracy writes:

More creation of anxieties to members of the public when it becomes illegal to complain about policing.

The criminalisation of citizens is under way if House Bill 2698 such as this are enshrined into law.

This is where social justice already grossly deformed becomes dysfunctional to the point of non-existent.


Young student arrested for ‘Jay walking’ whilst jogging! We have nothing to fear!



It is for sure the eradication of freedom of speech and human rights to block critical thinking, shun public opinion and to allow the misbehaviour of certain police officers to be immune from prosecution.

Police brutality will no longer be allowed to be reported giving a green light for policing to be as abusive, violent or as corrupt without fear, from being sacked for gross violations of duty or for abusing their power as police officers.

We will fear our police for sure.


Our police operate more like militarised defenders of corporations rather than protecting people.

The police could force our communities into become open air prisons following a Gulag ideology and there would be nothing ordinary men and women, the young or old could do about it.

This is scandalous. It is the erosion of democracy stripped away from our rights as people.

For more on this Orwellian Police State click here to watch or continue reading: 

House Bill 2698: Kansas To Criminalize Complaints Against Cops

‘House Bill 2698 in the Kansas State legislature has run cold, but if enacted, it would deal a serious blow to anyone who has a complaint against cops. The bill would remove the option to complain anonymously, allow the cop in question to see the evidence against him or her before investigation, prevent the FBI or other agencies from looking into complaints the cops deemed fraudulent, and perhaps worst of all, criminalize the filing of a complaint that is dismissed by cops. The Resident discusses this whole ball of crazy.’



Where will our social justice be if this Bill is enshrined into law?

Where will our justice be if this Bill is enshrined into law?

Where will justice be if this Bill is enshrined into law?





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