Unwell person incited to commit suicide – on David Cameron’s Facebook page

Unwell person incited to commit suicide – on David Cameron’s Facebook page-MIKE SIVIERVox Political


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Street Democracy writes:

With any fierce persecution from above, from a bully of any kind, from authority or political body, it demises, and rips the soul from within of those being savaged upon.

Like a virus it is spreading despite it being obvious it is nothing more than sanctimonious pompous lies to suit a psychopathic main frame Tory agenda.


No demonisation or public persecution by the Tories for this thief. In fact if the public hadn’t kicked up such a fuss, this stealing Tory MP would have got away with it.


They have to blame someone for the failings of the economy and it won’t be the greedy corporate whores, the banksters, or themselves. Far easier to blame the weakest and most vulnerable, the poor.

The Tories have socially engineered a form of social repression creating a strong feeling of being loathed deep inside by the poor who feel betrayed by the Tory government.


Austerity for us, and prosperity for them. Democracy for the poor is non existent and more of an oligarchical totalitarian form of control grid.

Now standing in splendid isolation, all trenches of democracy deliberately dug up, the poor feel abandoned, they feel alone, not wanted or desired.

The Tories have labelled the poor as one social annoyance society can do without.


To publicly persecute is like a public hanging forcing all poor to feel even worse about their part in society thanks to the spiteful demonisation by the Tories.

It is an emotional time for those demonised by Tory politicians.

Politicians who have played a spiteful blame game upon those in need or those dependent upon welfare benefits are being socially ripped apart.

To be publicly shamed by our ruling elites is dangerous for those victims as there are plenty of stupid’s in our society who believe and hang on to every word.

They eagerly lap up this Tory ‘iron fist of blue’ propagandised venom.

They question nothing, but help to down caste, socially banish and expel the poor from mainstream society, because ‘the Tory party says so.’

When you wake in the morning after having a rough night of pain and your body needs rest, you are being labelled lazy and watched by your community.


No time to heal, no time to adapt with disability-you work for your benefits reminds me of an open prison with prisoners shackled and chained to their pick axes.

Forced to attend the Job Centre, this punishing State now humiliates you locally by localised bullying and financial sanctions to degrade even the most hardest of souls.

Life isn’t worth living when you are penalised, and have no money because of some morally bankrupt benefits agent regurgitating the spiteful dribble that is being spat out of Tories mouths.

No individual thinking of course, the benefit agent doesn’t question authority, but blindly follows the tail of the one in front, never questioning whether benefit sanctions for the human being in front of them would be right.


Poverty is the rape of the mind for the poor – a most aggressive silent weapon-but even more powerful is the social hatred being encouraged to reflect society’s feelings towards the poor.

They ignore the malnutrition being suffered, the pale skin that echo’s lack of vitamins and eyes that shout their body is in pain, discomfort and tiredness.

Their body is heavy with anguish, anxiety, or with cramp, stifling their minds filled with worry all go unnoticed.

The Job Centre benefit agents with a cold no empathy speech is filled with the tones of accusations

The benefits agent hits out a dialogue of commands now thrown at their client who is empty of all hope, as the sharp words are shot in direct hit each time.


Tory propaganda of disdain and social exclusion-of deliberate psychological war fare against the poor is a spiteful political game being played.

For one such individual, their despair bravely got them to display this most publicly for all to see and judge but in desperation for the power elites, for David Cameron to hear and open his eyes at the torment he and his peers have created.

They wrote their feelings on Twitter and the picture up at the top is what was said.

For more on this astonishing story, of one such innately decent person, click here or continue reading: 

Unwell person incited to commit suicide – on David Cameron’s Facebook page-MIKE SIVIERVox Political

Just when you think you’ve seen the lowest the Conservatives can go, something happens that is completely beyond the pale.

Yesterday a message was posted to David Cameron’s Facebook page from a person who said they were going to commit suicide because they had been wrongly sanctioned.

The response – from one of Cameron’s supporters – was as follows: “Well get on with it then.”

This serious disability hate remark has been allowed to remain ever since – on the Prime Minister’s own Facebook page, which we are led to understand is overseen by professionals who, let’s not forget, paid for people to visit it and press the ‘Like’ button in order to make him look popular, and who may reasonably be expected to moderate such offensive behaviour off the page before it causes any real harm.

You can read more details on the Atos Miracles Facebook page.


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