Breadline Kids

Breadline Kids by  Pictures displayed by Street Democracy.

If you missed the whole film and would like to watch it, you can find it here.

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ATOS: Other Firms Will Find Recruiting Staff Hard

by samedifference1


Atos, the private company quitting its contract to provide assessments for disabilityclaimants, warned that its successor will fare just as badly unless the government improves the system it has to run.

Atos chiefs complained that it and its staff had suffered a public “vilification” simply for carrying out what was asked of it by ministers and suggested other companies would find it hard to recruit staff unless changes were made.

Ministers announced in March that the contract to deliver work capability assessments was being terminated early by mutual consent, amid criticism of delays and the number of disabled people apparently being wrongly judged fit to work.

While campaigners welcomed Atos’s withdrawal, they also said the change should be used to “move away from a fundamentally flawed system”.

For more click here for: samedifference1



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