Iain Duncan Smith-Finally Hears Truth By Himself Being Called A “SCROUNGER!!!” VIDEO


Salma Yaqoob Calls Tory Iain Duncan Smith A ‘Scrounger’ On BBC’s Question Time (VIDEO) by Huffinton Post


Street Democracy writes:

After years of Tory hatred propaganda aided with biased, socially disconnected, bought and paid for controlled mainstream media headlines, and after years of Tory social scorn and disdain with the demonisation of the welfare claimant, Iain Duncan Smith has crucified the poor into financial destitution.


IDS,’s time in office rampantly, slashing benefits by claiming it is beyond human decency to be on them in the first place, Iain Duncan Smith, one of the psychopathic minds leading this Tory iron fist of blue morally bankrupt agenda, has slammed and crashed down upon the poor without mercy.


We are experiencing massive repression and the unemployed, those unable to contribute towards a working week of long hours of gruel and low wages, our lives have been structured as if we’re on detention.

Work programmes, the most indignant and an unwanted forced intimacy by legions of nameless and shameless bureaucrats dictating to those unfit to work to attend mindless and stupid work programmes without thought, but to suit their administration and personal routine.


To do this or face financial sanctions, be monetary ravished as the blackmail that amplifies misery of ‘do as we say or we’ll take the most important money away from you’ is nothing more than a ‘Punishing State’ of diabolical Tory insult.

Their lack of knowledge of the working classes, the unemployed, those unfit to work, the economic working environment for the poorer classes and those who are disabled is astonishing and proving the ruling elites are not fit to run office, not fit to decipher major decisions upon the lives of the ordinary man or woman.


Iain Duncan Smith claims to have watched dumb down television programmes like ‘Shameless’ to find out how the poor live. You can’t make this type of thing up!

Apart from a small minority, this is a television programme full of exaggerated consequences to living on benefits is designed to infiltrate the poor as lazy, scroungers who want nothing for nothing and break the law, live on the black market and have sawdust for brains.

I say this without ever watching this tripe myself.


This ghastly intrusion into our private lives is the whole of the Welfare State benefit system, designed by Eton psychopaths who have framed the poor into being socially marginalised from mainstream society with spiteful name calling and mud-slinging.


This is our professional government of Westminster, filled with politicians fondling their pockets with corporate vested interests and allegiance to the rich, the wealthy corporate bosses and Mafia bloodline wealthy families, but not the people, and especially the poor.


This isn’t mentioning these criminal politicians milking the expenses system and claiming for second homes, while forcing the bedroom tax for daring to have a space of 5ft by 6ft.


Fiddling expenses to pay for their mortgages, expensive dinners and breakfast’s and the list goes on, by our ruling elites who are more criminal than the benefit claimants they have attacked.


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Salma Yaqoob Calls Tory Iain Duncan Smith A ‘Scrounger’ On BBC’s Question Time (VIDEO) by Huffinton Post

Salma Yaqoob called Tory bigwig Iain Duncan Smith a “scrounger” on Thursday’sQuestion Time, attacking the secretary for works and pensions over austerity measures that have left “13 million Britons living below the poverty line”.

Attacking the politician for calling people on benefits “scroungers”, the leader of the Birmingham Stop the War Coalition said: “I’m sitting next to Iain Duncan Smith who labels poor people as scroungers when you {IDS} claim £39 for a breakfast, like you can’t afford your own breakfast, and you live on your wife’s estate and have taken a million pounds of taxpayers’ money, that’s what I call scrounging.”

What a load of old nonsense, replied the clearly angered Tory, before dismissing his attacker with a wave of the hand.


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