New World Order Rothschild Enforcer – NATO Threatens WW3

New World Order Rothschild Enforcer – NATO Threatens WW3

Street Democracy writes: 


‘The conscience and intelligent manipulation of our organised habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society’  Edward L.Bernays-Propaganda


‘Death dealing politics’ for ‘death dealing policies’ are the venomous insults and a regular plethora of draconian orders we as a society are forced to endure.

The invisible hand, the controllers are the 13 Illuminati families, Rothchild’s, Rockefellas, Bundy’s, Astors, Kennedy’s and Collins to name but some.

They own the banks, they own the money, they own governments that they bail out and loan them money too.

The reason for war is to decimate nation states to eradicate the infrastructure and place their aggressive banking system by force.

Economic sanctions is business to them, economic enslavement is profit for them and they turn each country into one giant plantation of financial slavery upon each living soul.

Today’s business is war propaganda of depopulation and corrupt banking system of the New World Order.

World War 3 started after 9/11, and these inbred psychopathic families want unlimited state power, less people to empower and total world domination.

It is just business to them and they are filled with inscrutable malice, a coup d’ ‘etat of corporate control they own, and are nothing more than a Cartel operated corrupt mafia capitalist’s.

World War 3 will be a mass of slaughter and confusion as staged manufactured terrorist’s strike nation after nation, places unheard of to confuse further our minds.

The Rothchillds are a breed of killer’s, as they enslave our lives and imprison our minds by force.

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New World Order Rothschild Enforcer – NATO Threatens WW3

‘The New World Order has been in place for centuries. Is it not time to start calling the NWO by another name? A descriptive term that encapsulates the essence of the beast would be a Nefarious Warrior Organism. Such a phrase strips away the ridiculous notion that there is any order in the malevolent organization of the parasitic global structure, based upon perpetual and permanent warfare.
This depiction more closely resembles reality, even if the master mass media refuses to acknowledge How the World Really Works. Discard any condemnation that criticism of the established order rests upon conspiratorial fantasy or pre-medieval prejudices. Explaining away or ignoring basic human nature in a “PC” culture ultimately requires the adoption of a depraved Totalitarian Collectivism system.’
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