Red Paint, symbolism of blood splattered over this guy..NATO & Rasmussen

Kafkaesque NATO & Rasmussen

Street Democracy writes: 

Legions of faceless and unknown bureaucrats who gauge out the eyes of anyone climbing the corporate ladder, lead the way forward for corporate domination.

Psychopaths following the rules of despotism and corporate totalitarianism by hidden hands of corrupt Cartel mafia capitalist’s who lead these guys like puppets.

Laced with a deadly brew of toxic politics, treat us as barbaric and uncouth animals and ignore our pleas of sanity to their insanity policies.

The mounting repression, heightens our legitimate rage somewhat marginalised from main stream politics.

This degrading system is killing our planet and these rapacious ruling elites are speeding up the decimation of aggressive corporate domination.

Fracking, chemtrails, GMO, mass poisoning of Sodium Fluoride, manufactured terrorism, illegal wars, corporate control and the list is on and on.

An aggressive ethos to put profits in to the hands of the psychopath while the poor are wedded to aggressive financial sanctions.

For more on the hounds of our planet, click here or continue reading:

Kafkaesque NATO & Rasmussen

‘This was the former Prime Minister of Denmark, an undistinguished professional politician whose whole world has been nothing but words on paper. Currently Rasmussen represents NATO, as a puppet, in the world of politics which has become the step-child most noted for global criminal-activity around the planet. Rasmussen has been at the helm since August of 2009, which means he was there when Syria was first attacked and when Libya was publicly exterminated: Now he wants NATO to do the same thing to Russia.
Rasmussen along with Obama & Israel ought to be on trial in the Hague for Warcrimes, Genocide and Crimes against Humanity ­but instead he’s racing around trying desperately to create another illegal first strike military capability, on the cheap, to start WWIII.’
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Nato Summit 2014: The main security measures in Newport

‘With just two days to go until the start of the Nato summit in Newport, the security presence in both the host city and Cardiff is increasing significantly. Here’s a quick look at the main elements of the security operation.’
Read more: Nato Summit 2014: The main security measures in Newport and Cardiff

and Cardiff


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