Scotland Yard delays 200 Charges Over Claims of Child Sex Abuse

Street Democracy writes:
By those who fundamentally are controlled by our invisible government, who stage the political arena and believe in their sordid hearts they are above all laws, our politicians are beyond corrupt.
This paedophilia has been integrated into Westminster as a main diet of sexual vulgar and raping of innocence by a conscience and intelligent manipulation.
Enough evidence of corruption and cover up’s should be enough to actually bring this government down.
They are desperately trying to further manipulate our minds into thinking if they remain silent, we will forget and move on.
It is outrageous such sleaze, debauchery and wanton sin is a main source of diet for such people who parade in suits, steal obscene amounts of tax payers money while children within their walls are being raped.
We experience fierce and brutal policies, while MP’s are unplugged from reality, attending children sex parties as a form of novelty.
We are experiencing truth, and truths are seditious inciting legitimate rage and anger and this will not ease down as more and more grotesque stories of child sex abuse keeps emerging.
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‘Police have delayed seeking to press  nearly 200 charges as part of their investigation into a paedophile network linked to politicians, Exaro can reveal.
The move prompted one MP to say that the police were trying to avoid a “media frenzy” amid growing public concern about evidence of the scale of a paedophile network that operated at Westminster over many years.’
Read more: Scotland Yard delays 200 Charges Over Claims of Child Sex Abuse



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