We’ll ‘Rip Them To Bits’: Fury As Brain Damaged Man Is Deemed ‘Fit For Work’

We’ll ‘Rip Them To Bits’: Fury As Brain Damaged Man Is Deemed ‘Fit For Work’

Street Democracy writes:

ATOS cruel and harsh attitudes towards sick and disabled people are governed by staff members working for ATOS, DWP and our Tory Government.

Non empathy people, enforcing strict obedience policy towards those in pain and already suffering are subjected to humilitaing interviews. 

In no way are they caring medicals with a strained hostile and invasive intimacy with those disadvantaged in life.

Hitting those unable to contribute to a working week is nothing more than deplorable death dealing polices at best by wilful arrogance of staff.

ATOS administer evil in print offering real financial harm to the most vulnerable, those in desperate situations in our society.

Innately decent people who’s crime it is to be too ill to work, are being exposed to a insensitive siege mentality of government officials blindly following the tail of the one in front.

Questioning nothing, they put together oppressive rules to shatter the psyche of any poor who is sick, disabled or suffering from mental health issues, further into a dismal existence of a Tory punishing State.

How much more are we going to take?

For more on this grotesque unfair political system click here or continue reading:

We’ll ‘Rip Them To Bits’: Fury As Brain Damaged Man Is Deemed ‘Fit For Work’

‘An epileptic man with brain damage, his carer and neighbour have reacted with fury after the disabled man was deemed ‘fit for work’ by an “overzealous government” and vowed to “rip them to bits”.
Geoffrey Wilkins, 53, from Chelmsford suffers from epilepsy, brain damage, heart disease and depression. Yet despite his obvious medical conditions Mr Wilkins was found ‘fit for work’ by Atos and the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) in January 2014.
Mr Wilkins, who takes sixteen different medications to help control his poor health, said “it felt like someone has smashed me over the head with a sledgehammer” when his monthly benefits income was slashed from £700 a month to less than £300.’
Read more: We’ll ‘Rip Them To Bits’: Fury As Brain Damaged Man Is Deemed ‘Fit For Work’

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