Penetrating the Indoctrinated Mind

Penetrating the Indoctrinated Mind


‘If as a child you were taught for years, until you were an adult to believe a certain way about certain things, then later in life your mind becomes a wall and a barrier that cannot receive alternative ideas to what you have thought for years to be true (for most people).
For example suppose that you were taught by your parents, your school teachers and through the “news” media and through movies that God spoke to a man long ago, by the name of Santa Claus and that this Santa Claus said that God told him 700 rules that humans are to live by. What if millions of people all around you believed the same way? How do you overcome this myth, which has been pounded into your mind for thousands of times over the years?
What if you were schooled to believe all your life anything a certain way, such as belief that the Bible is the infallible and inerrant word of God? Others have been taught that their “Holy” books are inspired by God and they have been schooled to believe that their books are true, even though their books differ with yours.’
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