Royal British Legion Industries and G4S Are Both Connected to Israel. Does that make them complicit to mass genocide against Palestinians and have blood on their hands? by Debbie Simmons – Street Democracy

 Royal British Legion Industries and G4S Are Both Connected to Israel. Does that make them complicit to mass genocide against Palestinians and have blood on their hands? by Debbie Simmons – Street Democracy

There are corporations that harvest on human derailment, death and mass murder. They are murdering and trespassing authors, like thieves who’ll steal your lives, your very soul, your homeland in a punishing regime. 

Like a fierce host dishing out death dealing policies, produces nothing but evil in print within a punishing factory, G4S are becoming masters of supporting death, torture both physical and psychological harm to the most poor and vulnerable in various ways across many lands.

G4S are a British Security company that specialises in equipment and provides services for payment and profit who’s morals are bankrupt, degenerate and sadistic. They are guilty of creating a malicious atmosphere where people are expendable and are repeating echos of genocide, mass murder and torture.

G4S must end its complicity in Israel’s abuse of child prisoners  © 2015 Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies. All rights reserved.

Metal bar door inside a prison

G4S management and shareholders are being called on to end the corporation’s participation in Israel’s brutal occupation. Photograph: Anthony Brown/Alamy

As G4S management and shareholders prepare to participate in the G4S AGM on Thursday, we call on G4S management and shareholders to end the corporation’s participation in Israel’s brutal occupation. G4S operates and maintains security systems at the Ofer prison, located in the occupied West Bank, and for the Kishon and Moskobiyyeh detention/interrogation facilities, at which human rights organisations have documented systematic torture and ill-treatment of Palestinian prisoners, including child prisoners, held in solitary confinement.

G4S helps the Israeli prison service to run prisons inside Israel that hold prisoners from occupied Palestinian territory, despite the fourth Geneva convention prohibition of the transfer of prisoners from occupied territory into the territory of the occupier. Through its involvement in Israel’s prison system, G4S is complicit in violations of international law and participates in Israel’s use of mass incarceration as a means by which to dissuade Palestinians from protesting against Israel’s systematic human rights abuses.

By  © 2015 Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies. All rights reserved.

G4S currently provide services to Israeli’s prisons however they are up to their necks in supporting the onslaught of children, mothers, fathers in Palestine. They are deep in with turning Palestine into an open air detention centre, a killing field of innocent people, of complete genocide of the killing of an entire race, over 1.8 million. 

G4S already knew this as the history between Israel and Palestine is no secret and this company entered the corrupt capitalist agenda where profits come before people no matter what the situation, or how volatile it is.

The Israeli prisons are home to Palestinians who’s only crime is to stand up for themselves. Are described as political prisoners, for not agreeing to the agenda of apartheid, torture and total genocide of their people.

It may be worth asking which of us would sit back and allow our families to be blown up or tortured just for being them and standing in the very space they stood in. No, I doubt any reader would allow this and the Palestinians are no exception.

G4S and their gutter policies towards life is apparent and no secret. On the one hand their death dealing policies destroy life with mortar’s in one part of the world and in another they destroy peoples lives in a more subtle perhaps, more sophisticated but deadly psychological attack.

This is where RBLI (Royal British Legion Industries) are contracted to G4S to help guide the unemployed back into employment here in the UK. What actually goes on is blackmail with staff dictating to the unemployed as I have heard this myself and shocked at what was said to a woman who was too sick to work.

You experience a dialogue of bitterness and commanding aggressive sales talk that seem to thrive on dark policies of cruelty and of soul drenching character assassination. A shabby office with shabby suits that sit on shabby desks, move malicious jaws in a front line reception of love, empathy abandoned staff. 

‘Do this course’. ‘Go here to this interview’ and then the best one was ‘you have to do as I say when I say it!’ A staff member of G4S called Sarah said loud and clear down the phone, ‘or you’ll be reported and you’ll loose your claim!’.  

Now experience the stunned silence that was then felt around the office of non staff members, including the woman she was screaming at down the phone. This humiliation exalted to the highest front line ravishment is every time you don’t agree with their opinion. Every time you explain you are unable too participate, or its not what you had in mind to do in work.

You are threatened with the only money you’ll receive, and all of your money, food money, essential money to survive. A move this particular female was eagerly threatening to the lady down the phone no doubt very distressed. 

How heartless can you be?

As heartless as those killing life fully endorsed by an organisation called BRLI that willingly can work with fiends in uniforms (G4S) that not only bury our brother and sister’s in raw anger, but also of bullets, rocket bombs and total genocide, then it stands to reason the essence the foundations of G4S is psychopathic and so must BRLI.

If company’s this psychopathic team with other companies equally psychopathic it states a bleak picture of corrupt rogue capitalism that descends down upon people for profit whether they are blown to pieces in their home lands or blackmailed in an office somewhere. They are the professional destroyers of life.

‘Do as we say or you loose your money‘, most vital money as there is no other money to that person’s name. It is a sadistic nature of economic rape and onslaught on the mind to those in desperate situations having to deal with such manner.

My heart goes out to the ruthless treatment of those vulnerable here in the UK, yet it is nothing compared too the punishing state of Palestine. 

G4S bullies whose eyes must have died a long time ago, on their aggressive expedition, a grandiose narcissistic route of crude tactics and fierce savagery of various treatments. Yet those who are themselves inhospitable and create political turbulence who sit at the very top are hidden and are safe from such vile. Those divorced from empathy and compassion and think only of profits. G4S is orchestrated by legions of faceless bureaucrats both political and corporate, issuing demented projects with ruthless efficiency.

Lower down in the UK, staff members of G4S via RBLI constantly harass people by demanding interviews and long day courses forcing people to stay in their offices whether the course is relevant or not to the unemployed. The language of force demands appointments when ever it fits their agenda to enquire about what you are doing to find work. 

A general idea of this administration is of a stern faced, fake smiles, morally degenerate front line reception also connected to the Job Centre’s Work Programmes. 

What is so schizophrenic about RBLI is they are meant to care for war hero’s and yet here they are antagonising the poor, and are connected to G4S instrumental in a killing frenzy in war torn Palestine. Royal British Legion Industries are meant to care, support and protect those in need from war atrocities?

Listening further, G4S staff use a dialogue of command to obliterate your privacy and use financial sanctioning as weapons against the unemployed, the poor and those too sick to work. This is the real face of the Work Programme and Job Centre Staff of today who order the unemployed around or face loosing your benefits.

This financial sanctioning is echoed all the way through G4S and BRLI and all staff  are well rehearsed in what I call complete character assassination. To bring on total character disintegration, as the pockets of financial squalor brings enough on its own to destroy the lives of the poor without added verbal torment from these administrators.

So we know the level of fiendish behaviour this corporation G4S is capable of doing. What is missing is staff members not knowing who they are supporting and giving valuable time and energy towards, slaughtering of human life. 

G4S and BRLI exaggerate the harsh mechanisms that feed out chronic deprivation upon traumatising poverty stricken families and individuals both home and abroad, no questions asked. 

A true malicious art within policy of either organisations, of malicious jaws that nash and lacerate the minds of the vulnerable. Who fail to hear the inward groan of despair each time a bomb destroys a home, or the life of a pregnant woman and her unborn baby.

Who view and treat the Palestine’s as unsophisticated barbarians and believe most wrongly they are vulgar and rotten inside without question also. 

What doesn’t enter their heads are any ethical questions as to G4S and BRLI’s purpose and reason behind what they stand for. Listen to the videos of the plight of the Palestine’s and work it out who is right, who is justified and who is wrong. Then ask do we in the UK want such corporations controlling our lives too?

Yet we face a more serious aspect. We don’t want to have any connections with any company or organisations that kill to ethnically cleanse lands here or abroad. G4S are systematically stealing the lives of Palestinians and their lands for profitable purposes of over 1.8 million Palestine’s and BRLI are just as guilty and all the other corporations connected no matter how loosely, they still feed the killing machine of death.

What has happened to corporations, but more importantly, the people who work for them? 

What re human beings born with hearts and minds, who have families and homes to take care of, doing working for company killers such as G4S and BRLI? 

How does that even happen?

Debbie Simmons – Street Democracy


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