Israel sprays Gaza farms with poisonous chemicals

Israel sprays Gaza farms with poisonous chemicals

Street Democracy writes: 

Warring theologies and permanent war crimes with a true commitment to continue hostility towards the Palestinians. Only a rogue terrorist nation would subject another race to such ethnic cleansing in such barbaric ways.

Israel is a collective ‘punishing state’ that has turned a race and homeland of people into a giant detention centre and killing fields. Israel has set itself up to be nothing more than a rogue terrorist state corporately controlled by Zionist psychopaths, ruling elites.

Using methods cruel and disturbing Israel’s treatment towards the Palestine’s is psychopathic and total mental derailment, echoing genocide a complete destruction of an entire race.

 The Terrorist Actions of the Rogue State of Israel – Max Igan & Kev Baker – July 15, 2014

Using every toxic and gutter method to destroy, exterminate and extinguish the Palestinians the Israeli government are using both sociopathic slow kill means as well as bombing for immediate desolation. It’s almost like they are experimenting with war tactics and couldn’t care less whether they are legal methods of warring or not.

Here we have slow kill methods of torture for families in Palestine. To feed your babies and small children with poisonous toxic chemically laced vegetables is testament to the psychopathic methods used to hurt and mane innately decent and a peaceful race.

By Debbie Simmons -Street Democracy

Israel sprays Gaza farms with poisonous chemicals




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