Israel strangles a Palestinian village

Israel strangles a Palestinian village

Street Democracy writes:

 The evils are crippling ordinary peace loving people as they unleash a deadly programme of ethnic cleansing and land grab on a monumental size. The people are Palestinian’s living in Palestine. The evils in soulless suits and their political architecture of moral rot have a ferocious art of killing and torturing for their own self gain regardless of how they do it.

A choke hold of a magnitude size has gripped the people of Palestine around their throats with the use of tyrannical iron fist and warring theories that ravage the lands and all who live on them. A mass illegal land grab and permanent practice of war crimes on a daily round the clock systematic bombardment of slaughter is what we are witnessing as the world watches on.

On a selfish note however, this is happening in Palestine today and it has certainly happened before, (Nazi Germany). It is happening else where in our world and can happen outside our own doors at any time. If successful and the rogue state of Israel can obliterate people based on ethnicity, and the world watches on, then any rogue state can obliterate to extinction any race by force.

Remember military power isn’t subordinate to civilian power and watch the lives of how Palestinian people are being forced to live. Look into her eyes and ask yourself, ‘what would your eyes say if you had to live like this?’

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By Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy

 Israel strangles a Palestinian village



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