How Much Cash Are Corporations Really Hoarding?

 How Much Cash Are Corporations Really Hoarding?

 Street Democracy writes: 

Our world is one enormous economic plantation system run by venal oligarchs and puppet politicians endorsing evil in print to ensure their wealth is protected and the trickle down effect is non-effective.

Evil in print in digital numbers that hold no empathy, are sterile, cold and heartless figures. Our economics holds no compassion, void totally of love, they are lifeless and dead causing an explosion of misery of a financial massacre, a slow kill, wounding many, like a plague of oppression.

A ferocious enslavement of a debt monetary infrastructure, of legalised theft from the top in vast quantities and minimal money is dripped fed back to the people living in a sophisticated squalor of desperation.

The financial debt enslavement is run by figures of fiends who have turned the human race into commodities and herded into punishment’s if they fail. Disabled people, those unemployed, those unable to contribute to a working week face a punishing regime, a system and dialogue of force and benefit sanctioning.

These imposing fierce host’s are the concentrated wealth placing profits before people with no regards to the health of our planet for tomorrow. Volatile models enshrined into law is the slow kill of our planet, the shattering of our social democracy, and the destruction of our freedoms.

The elite believe they own us, they own the poor, our housing, as they own the banks and own all corporations who operate a form of ownership over us also. 

Click to watch David Icke explain what our money is, and you’ll be amazed how you didn’t see the scam that is right here in plain sight. ‘Eyes wide shut’ springs to mind.

Click here or scroll down for more on this:How Much Cash Are Corporations Really Hoarding?

‘Corporate America is the standard punching bag for criticism exercises across the nation. No matter the topic, major corporations are often seen as financial heavyweights that constantly hit below the belt, at the expense of everyone else. In recent years, corporations have been called cash hoarders not willing to spend money on the country’s future. While this may be true to some extent, the full scorecard provides a less unanimous decision.’
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