Who Granted The GMO Evangelists The Monopoly On Compassion?

Who Granted The GMO Evangelists The Monopoly On Compassion?

Street Democracy writes:

Monsanto’s divine corporate take over bathed in ruthless privilage has produced a mass of elite global sanctioning over us all with inescapable damage to our organic food chain.

GMO, Monsanto has made an art of stealing precious resources, especially our organic foods, splicing and forcing DNA with uncompatible DNA helped with chemicals to make Frankenstien foods for us to eat.

Monsanto are globalised corporate thugs and what ever corporation takes GMO to mass produce for the greater good, the greater good is being poisoned by slow kill, throwing chemical torture into our organic ecosystems. 

A corporate industrialised model and system of death that mimicks earth and nature.

These Mafia capitalists order gunshop policies to suit their agendas and their plundering and raping of our organic ecosystem is legalised and fully endorsed by financially owned political puppets who incorporate Monsanto’s plans further for a dollar.

Deception is one part truth and two parts lies mixed in a bag of other ingredients making their story sound plausable but with hidden knowledge of falsehood that is definately off centre stage so you don’t notice.

Gunshot policies to dispossess us with what we need to live healthily. Good health doesn’t help profits with their other owned corproations that of Big Pharma. A healthy population is bad for business.

If we change the DNA on our foods, might it not change the DNA of us? Like landing on a strange planet and start to eat the foods grown there. Do we know the long term effects, no we don’t?

( Look up Codex Alimentaurius by clicking here.Or click here:Codex Alimentarius Commission: A threat to mankind)

It is like seeing someone fill their car with petrol when it should be diesal. Seeing a child eat dirty food and hearing the mother scream but fail to stop her child from swallowing, or seeing your dog gulp something down in the grass that has been vomited up earlier. We go nuts!! We feel helpless as we can’t stop the consumption in time.

Now walk into your local supermarket and all dirty foods, forbidden foods are there on the shelf for you to eat, only no one is running to you to say ‘no!’ I believe the sign ‘SKULL AND BONES’ should be above every supermarket door and down every aisle for our information.

Yet this is over ruled on a global scale with Monsanto owning the monopoly on dictating what we eat, how we eat and the effects upon our organic biological natural bodies as none of our concern.

We are the rats in the maze, we are owned by the oligarchs in a global system of serfdom.

The ruling elites of our nations are hoarding wealth and buying earth’s natural resources, and selling to us what should be free, at considerable cost causing serious deprivation. Then they have the nerve to create GMO foods to provide food for all. As long as they control it, we can afford to buy it and they can profit from it and we gain the chemical bio effects they desire.

Now read the article below on how the deception is increasing in speed and power. Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy

Click here: Who Granted The GMO Evangelists The Monopoly On Compassion?

‘Abuse laced with rhetoric is deliberately designed to mislead, deflect and stir up public emotion. Such tactics are part of a wider agenda that includes making dubious claims about the efficacy of GMO technology and are intended to divert attention away from the true nature and causes of hunger and food poverty.’
Read more: Who Granted The GMO Evangelists The Monopoly On Compassion?

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