Mentally Ill Homeless Man Severely Beaten By Police Because His Beach Umbrella was Too Big

Mentally Ill Homeless Man Severely Beaten By Police Because His Beach Umbrella was Too Big

Street Democracy writes:
Our political spectrum is a model of pure violent policies of oppression, corruption and control that has been adopted by our policing.

Ruthless mechanisms has organised legalised terrorists that are striking true terror into the hearts of our communities when we hear of violent events by our less and less trusted law enforcers, our police.

The spirit of the age is of a Police State. Of unrelentless brutality using a speaking dialogue of fierce combative narratives to satisfy their appetites of control.

A language of command and force is what this homeless man faced and then an unprovoked attack by five police officers essentially dressed in a militarised costume for what we ask?

As you watch the film you’ll notice the police stand with a calm exterior for public consumption but the facts are they are the provocateurs disturbing the homeless man. 

With a sophisticated deliberate intention of disturbing the man’s peaceful mind the police agitate him to then warrant their disturbingly violent actions upon him when he reacts to their aggressiveness.

It is an ‘intoxicated explosion’ of aggression from a Police State with tactics of unmeasurable humiliation, pain and torture towards those deemed undesirable by those meant to protect us.

It is the total destruction of human rights and common decency that horrifies us and amplifies our misery. We witness our police be completely indignant to the needs of civilians, and pronouncing moral squalor by our police officers.

We no longer have police officers on a friendly beat. We have militarised terrorist’s instigating civil unrest to warrant their ferocious mind sets.

Watch this video with caution as it is upsetting by scrolling down.

By Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy



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