Smartphones making children borderline autistic, warns expert

Smartphones making children borderline autistic, warns expert

Street Democracy writes:

William Cooper once described ‘Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars’ as the total enslavement of the human race without it being obvious.

Keeping our children to serve the corporations, you have to control their minds. Each mind sees it’s own version of reality. So to condition a child’s mind to think the way you wish, you can control their reality.

George Orwell in 1984 ‘war is peace’ this double speak could also refer to ‘silent war done peacefully’ which is how corporations war on the human mind is being done.

Then Orwell quotes ‘freedom is slavery’ corporations targeting children don’t see their enslavement to technology, invisible bars, happiness with their gadgets gives them the illusion they are free.

‘Ignorance is strength’ again Orwell from his 1984 book. Mass ignorance gives the corporations strength and they rely on this. To keep the slaves from rebelling to become enemies, you have to control them, change their minds, changing their realities to suit your agenda.

Corporate oligarchs want ‘power for power’s sake’ and in order to obtain this they need subservient people. Belief system that technology is to serve the ceaseless and expansive ambitions of society. Give the illusion at the press of a button an over whelming knowledge base is at your fingertips and make this knowledge appear infinite.

In reality the controllers control the knowledge and the knowledge is written by them, and critical thinking is diminished.

Our children are loosing the ability to think critically, to research unbiased knowledge, uncontrolled knowledge is an extreme encroachment to a child’s thought processes.

Are we to face a future of unrealised broken people, minds predetermined pushing society back into Plato’s cave. The cave being technology the knowledge being the darkness.

If we are not careful, we will have a society of less humane, of sterile emotional minds and an explosion of unempathetic, desensitised people trained to be more sociopath or psychopathic and blinded by true self and reality.

By Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy

For more on the genocide of the mind click here:Read more: Smartphones making children borderline autistic, warns expert

‘Children struggle to read emotions and are less empathetic than a generation ago because they spend too much time using tablets and smartphones, a leading psychiatrist has warned.
Iain McGilchrist said children as young as five were less able to read facial expressions because of too much interaction with technology.’
Read more: Smartphones making children borderline autistic, warns expert

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