All cars must have tracking devices to cut road deaths, says EU

All cars must have tracking devices to cut road deaths, says EU

Street Democracy writes: 

We are witnessing a saturation of punishing, infringing, freedom eroding, hostile government policies that are infused with a psychopathic ‘political culture’ and thought.

Is this ‘evil in print’, evil in document form? This is certainly furthering a ‘police state culture’ slowly indoctrinating and normalising a criminalised citizenry agenda.

Is this even more mind controlling techniques to socially condition us to obey and in the end love our servitude?

A private corporation will manufacture this compulsary device that may have a digital life span of 5 minutes and carry a heavy fine if it is broken or you don’t have one. 

Another corrupt money making scheme from the wisdom of psychopaths!

Or…… is it because the government really care about us and our lives on the road? (Please note the touch of blatant sarcasm here.)

This ‘IS’ complete control with ruthless efficiency. We the people will pay for this financially as well as with our freedoms.

We will be policed every inch of our journey’s and fined for any minor offence they can come up with..or get a way with.

This is Big Brother, 1984 George Orwell and his warning of an Orwellian State in super plus size that even those with ‘eyes wide shut’ can’t fail to see.

It is no longer ‘creeping’ further into a Totalitarian system enshrined in to law by legions of faceless bureaucrats, but speeding.

This is governments attempts to overt hostile policies designed to erode our freedoms in their vain attempts to protect themselves. 

It is important we don’t tolerate policies we should be enraged by and this is one of them. Please continue scrolling down. 

By Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy

 All cars must have tracking devices to cut road deaths, says EU

newWednesday 29th April 2015 at 09:50 By David Icke

‘All new cars will within three years contain tracking devices that alert the emergency services in the event of an accident.
Under EU laws passed on Tuesday the technology will be compulsory from 2018 and fitted as standard in every model of car and small van.
A serious crash will prompt an automatic call to the nearest emergency centre. Even if nobody in the vehicle is able to speak, the device will still relay the exact location, time, direction of travel, the scale of the impact and whether airbags have been deployed.
Drivers will also be able to push a button inside their car to make a call if they have witnessed an accident and are in unfamiliar surroundings.’
Read more: All cars must have tracking devices to cut road deaths, says EU

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