Chemical-free Beauty Secrets: African Black Soap

Dudu-Osun, an original Nigerian-made soap
Black soap is a prized health and beauty product that you’ve probably never heard of. It has long been used for problem skin and has incredible clearing and healing properties, which this writer can personally attest to. It cleans, moisturies and nourishes skin and has been shown to reduce any skin conditions the user might have such as eczema, stretch marks, scars and wounds that are currently healing, skin allergies, dermatitis, fungal infections, wrinkles, blemishes and extremely dry and flaky skin.

 Generally composed from Raw Shea Butter, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Cocoa Pod and Palm Tree Oil, it can provide plenty of nutrients, minerals,proteins and anti-oxidants that the skin needs to help repair and restore itself to its natural vitality. It’s chemical free and made only from 100% organic and pure ingredients, providing a light and fresh all-natural scent that gently cleanses without irritating sensitive skin conditions.

Instead of slathering harsh chemicals onto your delicate skin it would be wise to start using healthy organic products like this that are genuinely good for you.

When purchasing Black soap, make sure it’s from West Africa and not made in the US or Europe. Soaps from these countries are mass produced and often contain artifical ingredients that deviate from the traditional recipes.


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