South Korea to punish factories for raising wages

South Korea to punish factories for raising wages

Street Democracy writes:

A deep moral disaster for South Koreans working poor that’s echoed throughout the capitalist world.

A corrupt capitalist practise of a ceaseless expansion of moral decay, moral bankruptcy and a fanatic commitment to keep it this way.

South Korea operates as a open air detention centre, punishing the lower classes for their poverty when they work hard to break this cycle they are being punished for.

At best it can be described as a ‘State sponsored plantation system’ with corrupt capitalist predator policies unleashed upon millions of working poor in a nation with serious money flowing through its veins.

Suffering from the realities of a  corporate assault, dirty capitalism only renders people powerless from unapologetic oligarchs intent on looting as much wealth from workers as possible.

A society of working poor, people of poverty, the underclasses are convulsed with indescribable frustration by elites holding an embittered view of workers.

It is a silent weapon of enslavement in a silent war, a class war, to use the poor to make the rich gain more wealth regardless of the social consequences.

An absolute decay of virtue and a violation to the freedoms, civil liberties and the beauty of a race of people.

It is fundamental that articles like this be read to highlight the global atrocities mirrored by corrupt capitalist oligarchs who will break the backs of others to gain a buck! 

Outrageous beyond reason. 

By Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy.

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Company owners will pay for bowing to North Korean pressure over workers in Kaesong joint industrial zone, says Seoul

North Korean women wearing white hats work at sewing machines at the assembly line of a textile company  at the Kaesong industrial complex  in North Korea.

Workers on the assembly line of a textile company in the Kaesong industrial complex, North Korea. Photograph: Chung Sung-Jun/Getty

South Korea has said it will punish three factory owners for bowing to North Korean pressure in a wage dispute over workers at the Kaesong joint industrial zone.
The North unilaterally announced in February a wage rise for the more than 50,000 North Korean workers employed by South Korean companies operating in Kaesong, just north of the border.
But South Korea said that, under a previous accord, employment conditions in the zone could be adjusted only with the agreement of both sides.

The Seoul government ordered the companies not to yield to pressure; but the South’s Unification Ministry said three companies had paid the increased wage. A ministry official told AFP: “They will face administrative punitive action for complying with North Korea’s unilateral demand.”
The North’s proposal would increase the average monthly sum the South pays for each worker – including allowances, welfare and overtime – from $155 (£104) to $164 (£110).

The South Korean companies in Kaesong get cheap labour on top of preferential loans and tax breaks from their government, which also effectively underwrites their investment.


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