Ask your candidates to sign the Frack Free promise!

Ask your candidates to sign the Frack Free promise!

No Fracking in Balcombe Society (No FiBs)

27 Apr 2015 — Friends of the Earth have created a site where, nationwide, candidates can publicly pledge their opposition to fracking. Ask your local candidates to sign up! You can do this quickly and easily via the link below.

By bringing up the issue of fracking with our candidates we can hope that our concern gets fed back up the various parties to HQ. Perhaps leadership of all parties will have a greater awareness that fracking is a vote loser. Ask your candidates to sign the frack free promise: you have attended a local hustings, as we have both in Horsham and Haywards Heath, you’d see energy issues are high on the agenda. The Conservatives and UKIP continue to think fracking is a necessary way forward. Why, we ask?

A report recently released by doctors and health professionals states: ‘the cumulative impact of many wells can lead to a high level of risk to human health…Emissions of NOx, hydrogen sulphide, formaldehyde, benzene, particulate matter and ozone are the more significant airborne hazards associated with fracking…exposure to diesel fumes or to silica may also cause various conditions and diseases. As well as catalysing development of ground level ozone, methane can combine with particulate matter to form gas field haze which is linked to respiratory disease and other harms.’ (p.14 ‘Health and Fracking’ Medact) Fracking is therefore, harmful to both health and the environment. Find the Medact report below:



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