Severely disabled woman set to lose special car

Severely disabled woman set to lose special car

Street Democracy writes: 
The Tories ‘evil in print’ use harsh narratives aimed directly at the powerless, vulnerable and isolated. This is the Tory ‘spirit of the age’ bullying tactics towards disabled people.

Innately decent peace loving members of the public whose struggles are relentless, a daily struggle, every second of every day and it isn’t considered by out of touch politicians.

Our government has no collective political social responsibility towards the vulnerable. 
Soulless suits of blue have made a political career of devaluing disabilities, criminalising poverty and blaming those in need of the Welfare State of clogging up the system and creating hardship for the rest of mainstream society.

Some say the Tories are the ‘caricature of the Victorian poor’ with vicious policy making to belittle and humiliate those suffering from poverty.

Life is about making the best of what you have, and some need more than others just for the basic life style that is no where near extravagant. 

How many kitchens does Ed Miliband have in just one of his homes? TWO!!

Boris Johnson has THREE KITCHENS!!!

RACHEL JOHNSON: Ed must take a tip from Three Kitchens Boris – or he’s toast!

Yet all this lady needs is transport to prevent her from being placed under house arrest like some criminal.

Cruel policy making conflates and brings together the Tories opinions making social justice unable to flow freely within our governmental infrastructure, the very essence of a healthy democracy.

It isn’t a healthy democracy and much more has been assassinated furthering us into a totalitarian governmental system of corporate control and interest, and not a democracy for the people.

By Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy.
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Severely disabled woman set to lose special car

newThursday 30th April 2015 at 09:15 By David Icke

‘A severely disabled woman who cannot walk or talk is set to lose her specially-adapted van.
The most serious form of cerebral palsy has left Serena Lester, 25, of Sandown Road, Thundersley, needing round-the-clock care.
Essex County Council has used her benefits to lease a van for her mother. The vehicle can accommodate Serena’s wheelchair.
But officers responsible for managing Serena’s finances have ordered the family to hand back the keys.’
Read more: Severely disabled woman set to lose special car

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