‘A World of Sorrow’: The Tragic Plight of the Roma in the Aftermath of NATO’s War on Yugoslavia

‘A World of Sorrow’: The Tragic Plight of the Roma in the Aftermath of NATO’s War on Yugoslavia

Street Democracy writes: 
Our planet has no ethnic borders. 
She holds no prejudices against skin colour. 
No rules of whose ‘soul’ can stand where and at what moment upon earth’s precious skin. 
She only lives in ‘being’ and hopes people will too. Yet there are those who pour bitter enraged toxic mind sets with rotting odour of ‘kill, slaughter and torture others’ beset on control.
The blood thirst of evil in suits, or evil in costume whose dire ambition is to blood spill and slaughter of the innocent is a toxic rampage across our planet.
Unheard cries of pain and torture over lands that belong to no human, for we all play host to our precious planet of plenty, all but for a few vicious minds intent to control. 

Fierce encounters with inextinguishable rage must unleash absolute unimaginable terror at the hearts of these people. Innately decent people who wish to live in peace like do most of us.

A death like trance on faces with hideous moral horrors attack in brute force to gain land, property and expel a race of people who bleed like they do when their skin is cut.

Our racial hatred is off scale but we bleed the same. We cry tears when hurt and we all share as host’s a planet most beautiful. 
Its a shame not all minds are too. Please read the plight of the forgotten as mainstream media cannot be relied on to highlight what their corporate bosses dictate.

By Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy

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newSunday 3rd May 2015 at 10:00 By David Icke

‘Once NATO’s 1999 war on Yugoslavia came to an end, units of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) poured across the border. The KLA wasted little time in implementing its dream of an independent Kosovo purged of all other nationalities. Among those bearing the brunt of ethnic hatred were the Roma, commonly known in the West as Gypsies.
Under the protective umbrella of NATO’s Kosovo Force (KFOR), the KLA was free to launch a pogrom in which they beat, tortured, murdered and drove out every non-Albanian and every non-secessionist Albanian they could lay their hands on.’
Read more: ‘A World of Sorrow’: The Tragic Plight of the Roma in the Aftermath of NATO’s War on Yugoslavia

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