CODEX ALIMENTARIUS FOOD-Global Governance! Controllers Dictate What You Can Eat Due To MEET! USDA schedules mid-June meeting to discuss Codex positions

USDA schedules mid-June meeting to discuss Codex positions

Street Democracy writes: 

One World Order, One World Government, One World Rulership or psychopathic ‘bullies’ fixated with a ruthless, furious expedition to control us are due to meet and continue with their NWO manifesto.

Global governance by legions of faceless, ruling oligarchs, vomit a form of grotesqueness in some kind of delirious horror show to rule directly over how we live.

On a planet that runs for free, grows food for free, all natural materials and shelter grows for free and yet we are enslaved by the ‘buck’ the ‘pound’ the ‘dollar’ to the Rothschild’s banking Cartel just to exist.

These top elites vicious jaws gang in ritual, meeting outside of ‘democracy’ but inside the occult of secret society and ‘free trade’ expelling and assassinating the freedom views of the people.

A mutilation of freedom of speech, freedom of thought from anyone outside of the family bloodline shatters all illusions our political infrastructure is biased in favour of democracy.

Banded powers deny us the ability to live freely and eat our foods without their interception. Without their say so. 

Control freaks spitting in vigour at our rage with a frenzied pleasure at our disempowerment is a stance of tolerance we mustn’t favour.

We feel marginalised and wedded to aggressive hostile take over by a ruthless economic model to commodify all life, and all that life needs to survive. 

Our food should be organic and under our own surveillance and not that of corporate oligarchs enmeshed with issuing death dealing policies to destroy our freedoms. 

Control the food and you control those who need it, which is all humanity.

We are held hostage against the corporate powers, that follow an unfettered rogue corrupt form of capitalism with all ethical values devalued and rubbished for their control and profits. 

Codex Alimentarius is a toxic regime of gun shot slow kill policies on a global scale that dismantled social honour and dignity. 

By Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy

Please read first this article by Global Research:  Excerpt from Codex Alimentarius — The End of Health Freedom by Brandon Turbeville

Contrary to popular belief Codex Alimentarius is neither a law nor a policy.  

It is in fact a functioning body, a Commission, created by the Food and Agricultural Organization and the World Health Organization under the direction of the United Nations.

The confusion in this regard is largely due to statements made by many critics referring to the “implementation” of Codex Alimentarius as if it were legislation waiting to come into effect. 

A more accurate phrase would be the “implementation of Codex Alimentarius guidelines,” as it would more adequately describe the situation.

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USDA schedules mid-June meeting to discuss Codex positions 

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service has announced a June 17, 2015, public meeting in Washington, D.C. to provide information and receive comments about draft U.S. positions to be discussed during the 38th Session of the Codex Alimentarius Commission in Geneva, Switzerland, July 6-11.


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