Fears grow over ‘land grab’ of NHS by private suppliers

Fears grow over ‘land grab’ of NHS by private suppliers

Street Democracy writes: 
We witness a corporate assault on our NHS. 
We witness our NHS be pulverised by corporate powers from every angle as British people experience a ‘mutilation of their expressions’ appalled by such a fierce political rampage.
Starved of funds to slow kill our NHS and patients, soulless love abandoned suits, with eyes of tyranny and gluttony aim only for a ceaseless expansion of privatisation.
Profits before people strategy turns our society in to a collective punishing state for the poor, or those unable to pay for their health. Corporately controlled our medical police state deems those without money a ‘detritus to society’ and excluded to gain health treatment.

You’ll die on the roads if you have no corporate finance in your pockets.

Austerity just meant ‘weaken’ our welfare state and ‘starve’ of finances. A ruthless but sophisticated (elitism) Tory plan of bankrupting our medical health service and blame the poor at the same time.
A fierce political measure to weaken our NHS purposely for their private oligarchs to sleaze their way in and we must not stand the stance of toleration anymore. 
A slow creeping ‘totalitarianism’ system of corporate control is our new world order of today.

We need proper education on holistic natural products to heal ailments and allow such herbs to grow freely in abundance for all to use as alternative options. We humans survived way before any political systems so I am certain we should regain free medical solutions.

By Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy

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newSunday 3rd May 2015 at 10:20 By David Icke

‘Competition for contracts to supply support services to the GP-led commissioning groups will be dominated by management consultancies, outsourcing giant Capita, and the US health insurer UnitedHealth. NHS England insists that the companies bidding for the support contracts will supply a range of back office functions, cutting procurement times and allowing doctors to focus on how best to spend their £70bn share of the NHS budget.
David Cameron has said the plan “is to put the power in the hands of local doctors so that they make decisions on behalf of patients based on what is good for health care in their local area”.
But groups opposed to the further privatisation of the NHS claim the reality is that the scope of the private firms is being dramatically expanded so that they will be allowed to provide services that, until now, have been undertaken by the NHS. They say that the move will end up costing taxpayers more and result in conflicts of interest as a number of the private firms are also advising the GPs’ commissioning groups.’
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