Liverpool police accused of trying to starve activists out of occupied bank

Liverpool police accused of trying to starve activists out of occupied bank

Street Democracy writes: 
We should not tolerate a ‘Draconian zero tolerance’ attitude towards protesters for protesting by over zealous police officers.
We shouldn’t tolerate predator policing towards the actions of social justice, exercising democracy for the greater good!
We therefore, do not welcome a ‘police state of oppression’ where our streets are no better than ‘open air detention centers’ and being criminalised for our mere presence!
Yet we witness protesters treated as ‘detritus of society’ in Liverpool despite no one being hurt or any life is threatened. The property isn’t being destroyed and a peaceful message with powerful intent is being called.
In Liverpool heroic actions of democracy by the nation should be praised. 
It takes a lot of effort joining together for a peacefully gathering, so why are they labelled a menace to society?

We witness indiscriminate methods of lethal and extreme force by the police just to stop the protesting is ludicrous especially when the police are society and this is for ‘THEIR CHILDREN’S’ future too. 

The ‘CRIMINALISATION’ of protesting is increasing in our Orwellian growing society, with every march.

If we are financial slaves to a corrupt dirty system of capitalism, they are too. Actually the police take direct orders to protect their enslavement as ‘immiseration’ intensifies dramatically.
Regardless of the unification of thousands of innately decent people joining together in strength to destroy the crippling avenues of inequality.

You have to be a brave soul to protest today. Be prepared to be indiscriminately arrested and handcuffed! 
Freedoms forcibly removed by incarceration and silenced is an unhealthy democracy if a democracy at all.

By Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy

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Liverpool police accused of trying to starve activists out of occupied bank   

newSunday 3rd May 2015 at 10:22 By David Icke

‘Activists who have occupied Liverpool’s old Bank of England building to provide shelter for the city’s homeless people say they are under siege by police and claim they are being refused delivery of food and water.
Bailiffs had set up fences around the central Liverpool building where anti-austerity Love Activists are staging an occupation after being served with eviction notices on Tuesday.
Police had used a dispersal order to clear supporters away from the building and, the activists said, were now refusing to allow supplies to be taken into the building.’
Read more: Liverpool police accused of trying to starve activists out of occupied bank


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