Tories Are Back! So Is Victorian Britain-Poverty, Food Banks, Welfare Disintegration, Destruction of our NHS!…..

David Cameron on course to lead a majority Conservative Government after extraordinary and unexpected night

Street Democracy writes: 
The last 4 months we’ve seen, real political ‘fierce propagandised drivvel’, hosting a furious expedition of sham democracy. 
A democracy that has never ‘trickled down’ to reach our streets. We watched a saturation of mind control brain washing tactics for public voters into believing ‘this time democracy will work!!!’
Our democracy is a sham! A ‘real’ voter beware policy! 
Our democracy serves our corporate masters and our political system is enriched with corporate power, muscle, heavy influence, deception, propaganda, spin and lies.
I watched hundreds of locals queue up last night with determination to control the fate of their country. Yet the UK, like so many, had its political body devoured by corporate greed long ago. 
The UK belongs to the oligarchs and it’s them who control our democracy.

We witness corporate wealth who have replaced cash for votes, cash for questions and cash for the biggest puppet to lead government. 
Our democracy is a legalised, money trafficking, financial ‘slip in hand’ manoeuvres, of legalised bribery and financial blackmailing from corporate oligarchs, corporate powers and elites. Where is the democracy in any of this?
Even our tv dramas and films show this in every story line! THEY EVEN SCREAM IT AT US ON TV!!! Still the public believe they control government.
Our political leaders are selected and never elected. We witness a sinister art of manipulating democracy, a sinister art of manufacturing reality. 

Help from mainstream media, the criminalisation and slanderous dialogue of the poor has socially assassinated anyone claiming benefits or a disabled person should after all be fit enough to run a marathon??
How many brilliant minds are there in the UK? How come its only the wealthy Eton-ites, all school together, bloodline (Cameron cousin of the Queen) that make it to number 10?
How many millionaires run government and are in Westminster?

Oligarchs do not care about which colour leads central government, it only cares about the puppets they have bought to continue with the agenda that suits the interests of the corporations.

We have a brutal machine merged as one, a ‘corporate government-totalitariansim’ filled with psychopathic viruses unleashed as ‘death dealing’ policies upon us, in the name of profit before people.

By Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy
newFriday 8th May 2015 at 09:47 By David Icke

‘David Cameron is on the verge of celebrating an extraordinary and unexpected general election victory today as election results are set to deliver him a second term as Prime Minister and the first majority Conservative government for nearly 20 years.
He pledged to unite the country , “reclaim the mantle of One Nation” and implement further devolution “as soon as possible” after Scottish nationalists romped to victory by winning 56 of Scotland’s 59 seats at the expense of Labour and the Liberal Democrats, who lost a string of high profile figures.
There was speculation that Ed Miliband would be forced to resign as Labour leader after a disastrous result – failing to turn a strong campaign performance into votes.’
Read more: David Cameron on course to lead a majority Conservative Government after extraordinary and unexpected night

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