VOTE SYSTEM-THEN GET SYSTEM! What can UK voters expect from Tory majority government? A War on the Poor and Freedom

What can UK voters expect from Tory majority government? A War on the Poor and Freedom

 Street Democracy writes: 
It is true, to vote for this system and we get this system. 
Amplifying misery and financial entrapment, economic enslavement and lack of respect for the human dignity justified as a mere commodity in the work market, while the ravenous eyes of the corporate oligarch steals more wealth from the nation.
The Tory corporate bullies have lead a furious ambition to destroy the poor and as selected MP’s have delivered weak arguments from weak opposition it was assured win for the soulless suits of blue.
A menace ambition towards the ‘war on poor’ the deliberate fumbling of British politics has given the only party with clarity all the votes. It wasn’t an unexpected win, more a predetermined game of chess with selected pawns in wait wearing Tory ‘cast iron fist’ patterned ties, being guaranteed a win.

The corporate greed is off scale. They are too big to control, they are unregulated, psychopathic and want more profit, more privatisation, more workers, more hours, less wages, and no public spending.
We know the Tories eyes and we will see: 
Further destruction of the Welfare State by a controlled demolition of all internal workings like the NHS. They will further Big Brother ‘Society’ or a ‘Hunger Game Society’ with more food banks, more criminalisation of protesters, the homeless, the jobless and disabled folk unable to work.

A choice of work back breaking long hour gruel for minimum pay or go hungry. Work to live in extreme poverty or be jobless and criminalised and loose all freedom. The choice for the poor is theirs.

The powers who shouldn’t be are frantically annihilating ordinary strength and power by criminalising any antics that is critical of government. 

All genuine avenues are met with door’s slammed, by smug answers that don’t resolve anything leaving no choice but to protest, get to the streets and exercise democracy only to be slammed by our police state and militarised policing. 

Democracy, I think not!

By Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy.

newSaturday 9th May 2015 at 08:47 By David Icke

‘The Conservatives’ general election victory has shifted Britain’s political landscape further to the right. As the Tories enter government, critics are calling on them to prioritize the common good over blind austerity.
In the opening days of parliament, all eyes will be locked on the Conservatives’ budgetary review, set to outline the government’s strategy for reducing the deficit. As the last votes were counted on Friday, PM David Cameron confirmed the government will focus on pushing ahead with a £30bn program of cuts.
Cameron’s pledge to plough ahead with further austerity will anger campaigners, trade unionists and academics who warn of the resurgence of Victorian levels of poverty in Britain. In a climate of zero-hours contracts, social cleansing, and drastic welfare reforms, they argue further austerity will crush the welfare state and impact heavily on vulnerable members of society.’
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