Atos overuling GPs on sick claimants’ requests for visits  By Kevin Mullan
Published on 15/06/2013 10:58


Nelson McCausland

Nelson McCausland


ATOS healthcare is rejecting requests for home assessments even if a claimant’s GP supports one. Asked “why Atos Healthcare can refuse a home visit for work capability assessments, even when a GP supports an application,” the Benefits Minister Nelson McCausland said Atos’ own health expert can disregard a GP’s opinion and demand claimants show up at local test centres.

He said: “Claimants requesting a home assessment are required to provide medical evidence to support their request.

“The information provided is considered by a healthcare professional who will decide whether a home visit is necessary whilst home visits are usually only carried out when a claimant is unable to leave their home for any reason, it is apparent that they are able to attend GP/hospital appointments, then they will normally be expected to attend an assessment centre for their medical assessment appointment.”

Street Democracy writes: ATOS, continue to ignore citizens requests for a more preferred ‘humane’ medical treatment from them, a so called ‘Healthcare’ unit. They are of course a French IT company that did a golden contractual handshake with the Government, with no public opinion on the matter what so ever and the money ATOS they have made is off the scale. A private corporation that makes money by making the ‘sick’ fit to work whether they are or not, is on a roll and the fact some people are too ill to leave their homes doesn’t matter to ATOS.198933_170293186468983_2050141194_n

Our Government shouldn’t be entangled in private corporations especially ones as heartless as ATOS. There crimes against humanity now runs into hundreds of thousands and have thousands of deaths on their conscience too. Callums List will show you some of those who took their own lives through fear of life in pain with no money and unable to work, would be left with nothing, literally no money.

ATOS and democracy do not connect, and is in clear ‘breach of trust’ but they get away with it. Even after thousands of people up and down the country are appealing decisions and complaining beyond belief. When corporations take over, take control we have a problem, it is called ‘fascism’ something we think shouldn’t exist in today’s open democratic nation. Well maybe its time to think again?

This is prime example of how we should be able to clamp down on political elitism, rid of extreme far right policies and prevent powerful corporations exercising full control over us. Our political rights, voices and moral duties of citizens are being ignored very publicly, they don’t hide this from us. A complete disconnection from the public who live in the ‘ruins’ of a busted up democracy more and more each day until we as a collective agency say ‘enough is enough!’


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