Militia on their way to Bundy Ranch in Nevada: Showdown between Feds and State Rights Supporters


Street Democracy writes:

An aggressive, a salacious and devious intrusion is occurring in Nevada that has erupted into civil unrest, that is going to end up with people being shot, people dying and a massive scene similar to the ‘Cult of Jones’ and the expulsion of the people living in their commune.


The 600,000 acres of Nevada land is used for their cattle to graze and the government have changed the rules.

The change in rules has ripped the lives of this family from under their feet aggressively putting them on the wrong side of the government and the law.


To take the land, the livelihoods from the people, the police are willing to act against the citizen.

The government is claiming the cattle grazing on a particular plant is illegal and the cattle needs removing and this is now being done in force against all residents in Nevada and especially the family Bundy.

This is the livelihood of this family, now illegal because it is endangering a tortoise, which means no cattle can graze making the land is worthless.

The creation of this ‘act of civil disobedience’ is by the threat of the cattle being stolen from the land in order to protect a plant.


Government change the law and makes innocent families living on their land-law breakers! What for the rest of us?

The residents are angry as the constitution allows private landowners to be able to protect their land from rogue governments hence the fire arms and gun laws allow the use of weapons to always keep in case of tyranny.

It seems corporations and private contractors are working together to get this land as there is plenty of underground natural gas and water that has dollar signs all over it.

These so called ‘cowboys’ are the contractors sent by government to round up the cattle.

Unfortunately this means risking being shot by the land owners and aggressive means of helicopters have been seen rounding up cattle, causing so much stress, some have died.

There are private security firms taking a stance, private contractor’s making theirs, police and FBI agents staking out armed and ready to shoot that on the official side, there is not enough co-operation or communication as to what is going on.


This is worrying, whether Illimanti internal bloodline families warring or not, the outcome is if Bundy looses is no rights for private home owners unless government says so.

On the other hand, the civil uproar is making things even more less clear as people on boths side try to negotiate some form of statement of right of claim.

However, the government feel they are right and agents are under orders, and the people of Nevada feel they are right by the American Constitution.

It does seem a corporate contract and a corporate government, are trying to get the land to be worthless so the family leave it.

No one will buy it if cattle can’t graze and the corporations move in and take the land at next to nothing.

A move that isn’t going unnoticed by the residents.


A Police State! An Orwellian State and a toxic government. If Bundy looses that’s all property rights gone for all citizens.


The aggressive methods of rounding up cattle is causing the cattle high levels of stress and premature death. Apparently, BLM uniform or those contractors wearing the BLM badges are contracted in the rounding up.

Their ability and actions speak volumes of them being coming from the ‘special forces’, similar to Black Water, a private security who follow private contracts.

Corporate interests seem to be at the heart of this move which suggests a government going against the American people with strong handed efforts, in violation of the rights of the people, their livelihoods, their home turf and their land.


The governments of our modern world are corporate. They are corporately owned by Rothschild’s and corporately controlled by venal greedy politicians.

The stealing of land is the controlling of the citizens, the corporate agenda hidden behind Orwellian up and coming state and the residents know this.

They know it has nothing to do with saving any animal but to take the land for themselves.

However, for those who follow the Illuminati will notice the name Bundy. Bundy is the name of the bloodline families, next to Rothschild’s, Rockefella’s, DuPont’s, Onassis‘s, Astor’s, Kennedy’s and the Russell family. There are 13 bloodline families in all and the Bundy’s is one of them.

That means there is internal fighting and has part to do with the above mentioned, but a darker sinister move is being played of warring between the Illuminati families.

‘Over the last week, we have extensively covered the showdown at the Bundy Ranch in Clark County, Nevada; today, things took a turn for the worse as militia from around the country mobilized and started making their way into Nevada.

The showdown started when Federal officials sent in Armed BLM agents to steal Cliven Bundy’s cattle, and in the process closed off over 600,000 acres to the public. This land, which is used by hunters and fisherman throughout Nevada and Arizona, has been officially closed down by the BLM, who says it will remain closed until at least May 12th.’

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Bureau of Land Management plots to steal the Bundy Ranch

Could BLM leaseholds for fracking operations be the reason for recent Bundy Ranch standoff?

‘In the most recent showdown between the BLM and the Bundy family, large groups of protesters have gathered in support of the ranchers. During the protests, police can be seen on film throwing pregnant women to the ground, setting dogs loose on people for no reason, and using tasers on people who were attempting to ask questions.

The Bundys are not the only ones who have been harassed by this federal agency. Since its inception, the BLM’s primary goal has been to claim large areas of land for the government, so it can then either be sold or used for military bases. Many times these plots of land are sold to corporations and even other governments.

Just last year it was reported that the BLM sold 29 federal land leases which covered more than 56 square miles in northeast Nevada. The agency itself reported that the oil and gas leases in Elko County sold for $1.27 million to six different companies.’

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Nevada officials blast feds over treatment of cattle rancher Cliven Bundy

‘Both Gov. Brian Sandoval and Sen. Dean Heller have condemned the BLS for what they characterize as heavy-handed actions involving Bundy and other Silver State residents.

“No cow justifies the atmosphere of intimidation which currently exists nor the limitation of constitutional rights that are sacred to all Nevadans,” Sandoval, a Republican, said. “The BLM needs to reconsider its approach to this matter and act accordingly.”

Heller, also a Republican, said he told BLM Director Neil Kornze the situation is being handled poorly.

“I told him very clearly that law-abiding Nevadans must not be penalized by an over-reaching BLM,” Heller said.’

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Violence Breaking Out Between Protesters and BLM Officers over Cattle Dispute

‘The video, uploaded to YouTube earlier today by GMN Telemedia, shows a tense stand off between protesters and Bureau of Land Management officers and their K-9s in the ongoing cattle dispute in Southern Nevada.

Not only were tasers deployed on at least one of the protesters, but a 57-year-old mother of 11 battling cancer discusses being thrown to the ground for taking pictures.’’


New EPA Land Grab, Complete Control Over All Private Land in America

‘The EPA is in the process, right this very minute, of seizing control over all private land in the United States. They are following the United Nations blueprint, their minion Gina McCarthy is implementing it, and B. Hussein Obama is facilitating it.

Anywhere in America where it rains or where water collects or through which water moves will now, according to this new rule change they are implementing, be under their control. Not because Congress or the people give them that authority or jurisdiction, but simply because they are seizing the power. It is just another component of the illegitimate tyranny which is oppressing the American people.

On Tuesday the agency which operates as the misnamed Environmental Protection Agency unveiled their proposed change to the Clean Water Act, which would extend their regulatory control to temporary wetlands and waterways.’

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International Court of Justice ends Japan’s Antarctic whaling


International Court of Justice ends Japan’s Antarctic whaling

WDC warmly welcomes the decision by the International Court (ICJ) in the Hague.

Today, it has declared Japan’s Antarctic whaling illegal and orders it to stop immediately!

This decision will bring to an end the annual hunt under the guise of ‘scientific whaling.’

Between 2002 and 2011, the Japanese fleet killed 7,982 minke whales in the Antarctic.  In the 2012-2013 season Japan killed 103 minke whales.

For too long Japan has unnecessarily killed thousands of whales. The ICJ has found that Japan’s whalers failed to consider if non-lethal means could have been used to gather data.  Its conclusion is that Japan’s Antarctic whaling is illegal.


Japanese whaling in the Antarctic

This is a historic day and may well mark a turning point in the fight to end commercial whaling once and for all.

WDC thanks Australia and New Zealand for bringing this case.

And we thank you for your belief and untiring support.


Chris Butler-Stroud

WDC chief executive

WDC Website · Contact us · Make a donation WDC, Whale and Dolphin Conservation. Brookfield House, 38 St. Paul Street, Chippenham, Wiltshire, UK. Reg. Charity No. 1014705 Reg. Company No. 2737421. Images copyright:(c) Mark Votier


Psychopathic Corporations Don’t Give a S***! Injustice: As BP Refuses To Pay Remaining Gulf Oil Claims, US Restores Its Privileges


Street Democracy writes:

This is a psychopathic corporation that can rape the planet, kill unmeasurable amounts of life, steal the natural resources from our sacred oceans and brutalise our lives with its ecological ‘killing’ psychopathic mind and not give a damn to the damage it causes.

BP has caused a colossal amounts of death by its failures to safety but remains loyal to its profits and wealth.

This psychopathic corporation is the violent destruction apparatus that has caused ecological murder off scale and holds no responsibility over its failures is astonishing.

The psychopath feels no emotion, no remorse or guilt and is an empty shell when it comes to trying to feel these alien emotions, so trying to appeal to BP’s better nature when it has none is a waste of time.

It only feels pain when it looses something it values which is money and if this story is correct, BP isn’t going to pay anything towards the devastation it has caused.

For more on the psychopathic corporate killing mind machines like BP click here for more or continue reading: 

Injustice: As BP Refuses To Pay Remaining Gulf Oil Claims, US Restores Its Privileges

‘Perhaps what best explains why the US government restored BP’s right to federal contracts and drilling the other day is this fact: It is the sixth largest corporation in the world in revenues (as calculated by FORTUNE). Public Citizen sent out an email excoriating the federal action:

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced today [March 13] that it had reached a settlement with BP to allow the oil giant to once again secure new federal government contracts and drilling leases. Tyson Slocum, director of Public Citizen’s Energy Program, issued the following statement:

Today’s announcement lets a corporate felon and repeat offender off the hook for its crimes against people and the environment. This is a company that was on criminal probation at the time of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster, and it has failed to prove that it is a responsible contractor deserving of lucrative taxpayer deals.’

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Australia To Dump One Million Tons Of Waste Onto Great Barrier Reef To Make Room For Coal Port

Australia To Dump One Million Tons Of Waste Onto Great Barrier Reef To Make Room For Coal Port

‘Australia’s Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority on Friday approved the dumping of up to three million cubic metres (or one million tons) of dredge waste in park waters in a move blasted by environmentalists. The decision follows the government giving the green light to a major coal port expansion for India’s Adani Group on the reef coast in December, under some of the strictest-ever environmental conditions.

It will see Adani dredge three million cubic metres of material from the seabed to allow freighters to dock at the port in Abbot Point, lifting the facility’s capacity by 70 percent to make it one of the world’s largest coal ports.’

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Are Brainless Chickens the Solution to Animal Cruelty?

Are Brainless Chickens the Solution to Animal Cruelty?

‘Cramped cages. Extreme temperatures. Filthy surroundings. No doubt about it: Our industrial food system treats animal welfare as an afterthought. As a commentary on today’s “modern” farming, a London architecture student has created a thought-provoking design for a chicken farm that strips the birds of their mobility—and their brains.

Royal College of Art student André Ford created the installation, dubbed The Centre for Unconscious Farming. It’s a pretty grim affair, made of a massive steel frame that would contain up to 1,000 birds. In it the chickens are completely immobilized—their feet are removed (to save space), and the birds receive food, water and oxygen through an intricate network of tubes. In order to eliminate the suffering that chickens would face under such conditions, Ford proposes that the birds’ cerebral cortex be removed, leaving the brain stem (and key homeostatic functions) intact. The chickens would continue to grow, but would basically spend their lives in a coma.’

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One small step to …

‘No No No!’ They’re Going to Dump the Fukushima Radiation Into the Ocean

Street Democracy writes:

The evil in suits, the deranged psychopath isn’t just sitting in The House of Commons, or the White House, but spread throughout the power elite. 1001255_229702580517912_593032746_n

We have on our earth, legions of insane in bred ruling oligarchs who couldn’t care less about this planet.

We are dealing with life threatening of nation size.

Death will be a major feature across our planet if Fukushima isn’t dealt with correctly and here we are being threatened with the massive amounts of toxic radiation just being dumped in to the Pacific ocean.

This will kill everything living fish, coral and all life as we know it.


It is environmental genocide, it is fatal to dump enriched nuclear fuel a mass of plutonium into our oceans. The devastation will be unmeasurable and off scale. We will totally fail our planet, and will disastrously defile all creatures living.

Our tropical fish will just die, the oceans will become inhospitable to life, and therefore our oceans will be dead.

The human decision to make this a plan is impossible to believe. Reptilians who hate us, those off worlder’s who are jealous of us, then I can see this being a good plan.

TEPCO are beyond irresponsible, with hostile death dealing plans and agendas to ease their burden but kill the Pacific ocean instead.

For more on this story click here for Info Wars with Alex Jones or continue to read.


‘Tepco is planning on dumping all of the radioactive water stored at Fukushima into the ocean.

The industry-controlled nuclear regulators are pushing for dumping the radiation, as well.

As EneNews reports:

Juan Carlos Lentijo, head of IAEA’s mission to Fukushima Daiichi, Dec. 4, 2013: “Controlled discharge is a regular practice in all the nuclear facilities in the world. And what we are trying to say here is to consider this as one of the options to contribute to a good balance of risks and to stabilize the facility for the long term.”

Shunichi Tanaka, chairman of Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority, Dec. 4, 2013: “You cannot keep storing the water forever. We have to make choice comparing all risks involved.”’

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Warning Graphic Content: Horrific Animal Cruelty Video Prompts Tyson Foods to Cancel Contract

‘While lawmakers in many states rush to outlaw undercover farm videos showing animal cruelty, and prosecute the activists or whistleblowers who bring them forth, one video from Oklahoma made it through. As you will see detailed below, the video shows workers of West Coast Farms kicking, throwing, gouging the eyes of pigs . . . and worse. The video has prompted mega industrial farming company, Tyson Foods, Inc., to take action and cancel their contract.

This is exactly the reason why so-called “Ag-Gag” bills must be opposed. If one isn’t concerned about the welfare of the animals, then one still should be concerned about the health violations that easily could go on undetected if left completely in the dark.’

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Petition: A sperm whale died swallowing 60 pieces of plastic dumped by Tesco, Carrefour and Aldi.

Spanish sperm whale death linked to UK supermarket suppliers’ plastic, The Guardian, 8 March 2013.

blood on hands

A sperm whale that washed up in Spain died after swallowing almost 60 different pieces of plastic dumped by the greenhouses that supply Tesco, Carrefour and Aldi.

This 4.5 tonne whale was defeated by 17 kg of plastic waste, including two dozen sections of the transparent sheeting used to cover industrial greenhouses. There’s no excuse for these giant supermarkets’ failure to ensure their suppliers recycle and safely dispose of their deadly waste — but as long as they’re given a free pass, plastic will continue to swamp our oceans each year, and more whales will die.

Tell Tesco, Carrefour and Aldi to make sure their greenhouses recycle or safely dispose of their waste.

Only about 1,000 sperm whales are left in the Mediterranean, and they feed near waters flooded by the greenhouse industry. Acre after acre of farmland in southern Spain is covered in reams of plastic sheeting to produce the perfect growing conditions for year round fruit and vegetables. Due to poor waste disposal, this plastic ends up floating in the Mediterranean.

Now these whales are under threat from swallowing huge quantities of non-degradable plastics. If we lose the whales, we disable an entire ecosystem — and all because grocery stores are too lazy to monitor their suppliers.

Our supermarket chains could easily ensure that plastics used to grow our fruit and vegetables are disposed of correctly and recycled. But so far, they are walking away and counting their profits — and as they do, our oceans and seas are dying. Let’s not let another whale die from too much plastic.

Tell Tesco, Aldi and Carrefour to clean up their supply chains and stop their suppliers from dumping toxic plastics in to the Mediterranean.

This isn’t the first time we’ve taken on the big supermarket chains. We came together to take on the might of Tesco in the UK when it was electronically tagging its workers, and we won a landmark campaign in the US demanding that Trader Joe’s help farm workers get paid a fair wage. Now we need to come together and take on Tesco, Aldi and Carrefour demand they help save the whales.

Thanks for all that you do, Claiborne, Paul and the rest of us.


********** More Information:
Spanish sperm whale death linked to UK supermarket suppliers’ plastic, The Guardian, 8 March 2013.

Sickening! Gordan Ramsey Soul Must Burn -Cruelty of chef Gordon Ramsay’s foie gras supplier exposed in shocking footage

‘Crammed into tiny cages, caked in filth, riddled with sores and in agony from broken beaks and wings, these are the ducks used to make foie gras at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants.

Campaigners last night branded the horrific conditions the “worst ever seen” after being shown the pictures of shocking cruelty at plants that supply the celebrity chef with the posh dish.

Ducks lie dead and dying, many have painful eye injuries and abscesses and all are force-fed grain through a tube to make their livers 10 times the normal size during a two-week ordeal in a ­windowless shed before they are slaughtered.’

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North Carolina Ag-Gag Bill is Dead

‘It’s official! Every one of the 11 ag-gag bills introduced in 2013 has been defeated. Today, the North Carolina legislature adjourned without passing its version of ag-gag. Earlier this year, Tennessee govenor Bill Haslam vetoed his state’s ag-gag bill citing constitutional concerns and saying the bill would make it “more difficult to prosecute animal cruelty cases.”

This is certainly cause for celebration! This victory is due in large part to the compassionate MFA supporters who called and emailed their legislators, and the behind-the-scenes efforts of a broad coalition of national groups, working together to stop these shameful attempts by pro-factory farming legislators to criminalize undercover investigations.’ Read more:  North Carolina Ag-Gag Bill is Dead